Funeral Wreaths

Pink Gerbera and Rose Wreath
$ 99.95
Sunflower Yellow Sympathy Wreath
$ 149.95
Premium Pink Sympathy Wreath
$ 229.95
White Gerbera and Rose Wreath
$ 99.95
Red Floral Sympathy Tribute
$ 134.95
Lush Purple Sympathy Wreath
$ 149.95
Natural Red Sympathy Wreath
$ 224.95
Lush Orange Sympathy Wreath
$ 144.95
Premium White Floral Tribute
$ 224.95
White Orchid Tribute Wreath
$ 194.95
Bright Floral Sympathy Tribute
$ 119.95
Pretty Floral Sympathy Tribute
$ 109.95
Classic White Funeral Wreath
$ 129.95
Pink Floral Sympathy Wreath
$ 129.95
Native Flower Sympathy Tribute
$ 149.95
Anzac Day Wreath
$ 99.95
Rainbow Coloured Tribute Wreath
$ 159.95
Wreath Easel Tripod
$ 34.95

Choosing the right funeral wreaths provide a thoughtful tribute to both say goodbye and offer love and comfort to loved ones.

A funeral wreath is a traditional and beautiful way to honour a loved one, and to send thoughts of comfort to family and friends. A touching tribute to the deceased, funeral wreaths can help make the farewell service special. Funeral wreaths and flowers not only add beauty to a sombre occasion, they have played an important part in funeral customs throughout time. Today flowers remain a touching way to express our feelings at a funeral, when the right words can be hard to find. The tradition of a floral funeral wreath can be traced back to ancient times. Today, many different choices are available to reflect the style and personality of your loved one. While white is a traditional and common choice for funeral wreaths, you may also like to include other favourite flowers or colours that mean something to you. Perhaps you might like to match the arrangement to the colours of a favourite sports team, or include the deceased`s favourite blooms. Some religions and funeral homes may have guidelines on the type or arrangement of flowers used in a funeral wreath. The church or funeral home may be able to advise you on any applicable guidelines. You may also wish to consider the different meanings behind particular styles or colours of flowers. For example, the lily symbolises restored innocence, and is a popular choice for funeral wreaths. Other popular choices are roses, daises and orchids. Wreaths also commonly contain beautiful accents of greens such as ivy. Flowers shaped into a wreath are usually displayed at the funeral service, the shape symbolising eternal life. If you are unsure as to what flowers to choose, your florist can advise you upon ordering. As well as being used at the service, funeral wreaths are also often brought to the place of burial, or taken home after the service by the family of the deceased. Choosing the right arrangement for your unique occasion provides a thoughtful tribute to both say goodbye and offer love and comfort to loved ones.

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