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In Season Flowers For Summer

Send happy feel-good vibes this summer with our fresh, in season flowers.

Tis the season to be pampered, spoilt and showered with beauty and fun. And what better way to do that than with luxurious blooms from Mother Nature herself? Our 2021-2022 Seasonal Flowers offers a curated range of summer-inspired bouquets, arrangements and plants to deliver happy feel-good vibes.

Happy Blooms For A Beautiful Summer

Send a dose of natural summer beauty to fill a home or workplace with colour, positivity and perfume.

From fresh roses and gigantic chrysanthemums to fluffy hydrangea and cheery sunflowers  - you're bound to find a gorgeous floral treat for friends, family and colleagues. Our In Season Flowers Collection is fresh and uplifting, made with love by our talented florists who are all conscious of just how much happiness their mindful arrangements bring.

Choose The Best Seasonal Flowers From Market

As summer evolves so will our floral collection. When pretty new blooms find their way into the flower market, our summer bouquets and arrangements will reflect the freshest, seasonal looks. As the change of seasons tells us - nothing ever stays the same.

Perfect Little Treats To Go With Your Seasonal Flowers

One of our favourite gifts to go with summer flowers is our ECOYA Citronella outdoor candle. Enjoy time in the garden or on the patio with this quality candle to keep the mozzies away and create a lovely ambiance.

Or add our ECOYA Guava & Lychee Candle or ECOYA Lotus Flower Diffuser to bring a beautiful summery fragrance into the home.

If you really want to send a big splash of happiness, consider sending a bright balloon bouquet with your bunch. We have everything from classic smiley faces to balloons for every milestone birthday.

And when you can't decide - a bottle of sparkling wine to enjoy on a hot summer’s evening can never go astray, just saying.

What to expect each season?

Here's a general guide to the types of flowers and foliage that celebrate the different seasons.

Summer Flowers In Season

Our florists love to work with summery blooms such as scented garden roses, lilies, dahlias, snapdragons, buddleia and bouvardia, hypericum berries, fragrant gardenias and fluffy hydrangea. And what better flower to represent summer than the cheery sunflower? Phalaenopsis orchids look gorgeous in summer, while King Proteas put on a grand display right through into autumn. Kangaroo Paw is always a hit, while in the lead up to Christmas, you can't go past big bunches of native red Christmas Bush and gloriosa (Christmas lilies). And did we mention peonies? These pink glamours are only around for a short time so embrace them when you can.

Autumn Flowers In Season

Most summer blooms finish by the end of March, and you will start to see the likes of tulips coming into our florist shops. Romantic lisianthus, chrysanthemums, big fluffy dahlias, iris, elegant calla lilies, perfumed stock, sculptural branches of fig and pomegranate and berries are also in abundance. Native Geraldton Waxflower grace many a bouquet.

Winter Flowers In Season

Our florist studios burst with magnificent tulips, ornamental kale, perfumed hyacinth, native Blushing Bride, Singapore orchids, hellebore, delphinium, anemones, native protea, privet and pepper berry over the cooler months. Sculptural pussy willow, corokia and tortured willow also add a wintery touch to arrangements. Cymbidium orchids are absolutely glorious as winter takes hold, and if you're really lucky, you'll get to enjoy a short season of Dutch peonies.

There are of course the year-round bloomers too, such as gerberas and lilies that you will see on our Season's Best collection.

Spring Flowers In Season

All florists love spring. We like to use bulb flowers such as scented daffodils and jonquils, hyacinth, tulips, delicate freesias, frilly ranunculus and stunning anemones. Phalaenopsis orchids blooms, rhododendron, lilac, roses, sweet peas, bouvardia and native blushing bride are also so very spring.

Customise Your Flowers

When ordering from our In Season Flowers Collection, you can be assured that the flowers you select will be wonderfully fresh and of the finest quality. After something specific? Please call our Customer Care Team on 1800 66 66 46 or email sales@flowersforeveryone.com.au for assistance and a custom quote.