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Hey Sydney-siders! Take a trip down tulip lane with this glorious vase arrangement of tulips en-masse. Presented in a classic, leaf lined cylindrical vase, you can select from either 20, 30 or 40 tulip stem options. Available in an abundance of seasonal colours including juicy orange, sunshine yellow, pastel pink, watermelon red and luscious purple. Or how about a mix of bright orange, pink and yellow? Our bright mixed tulip colour option is the bomb! One of our best sellers, this tulip vase arrangement is ideal for any occasion, whether it is to cheer up a relative in hospital, celebrate the birth of a baby, congratulate, commemorate, thank, or wish a happy birthday.

Did you know that tulips continue to grow once they are in the vase? Give your tulips a trim on the ends before placing in fresh water and watch them grow over the coming days. As their stems drink water they increase in length - dancing and swaying from the vase in a flashy show of height and colour... Make the most of beautiful tulips while in season - order via our online florist shop, email us directly to sales@flowersforeveryone.com.au or phone toll free on 1800 66 66 46.

The pictured tulip vase and price is exclusive to flower delivery in the SYDNEY METRO ONLY. Want to send a tulip vase outside the Sydney Metro? Sure thing. GIve us a call toll free on 1800 66 66 46 or email sales@flowersforeveryone.com.au Our consultants can confirm whether tulips are available in the location you wish to deliver to, provide a quote for a tulip vase arrangement based on your budget, then place an order via our affiliate florist network on your behalf!


Date Rating Comment
2016-11-09 Great service delivered on time
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2016-10-23 Service rating : Lovely flowers which were reasonably price, delivered on requested date and email confirmation as soon as flowers were delivered.
Product : Lovely flowers, wrapped nicely and were a perfect gift.
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2016-09-25 Service rating : Great service all the time
Product : I always use Flowers for Everyone. They provide a great product back by good quality service.
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2016-09-19 Service rating : Just beautiful, faaaassssst, fresh and as described and pictured. no complaints at all.
Product : Just beautiful, faaaassssst, fresh and as described and pictured. no complaints at all.
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2016-08-22 Service rating : My father received an email with the various tulip promotions about a month before my mother`s birthday. His inquiry about their availability in a month was answered in a swift and friendly manner and we were still able to take advantage of some pretty spectacular prices.
Product : GORGEOUS.

We ordered the `Mixed Bright` tulips in a glass vase. The buds were still rather tightly closed, which means we got the fun of anticipating what colours we would eventually get, and beautiful flowers to display for longer. Even though they were still closed, the vase arrangement was lovely; fresh and green, with a sturdy wide mouthed glass receptacle and some decorative branches. Now we`ve got some -very- pretty pink and yellow tulips brightening up the kitchen,

There was the option to choose a specific delivery time for an additional fee, which was very reasonable-- we declined and the tulips still arrived at a good time. I appreciated that the free message card was attached on a plastic stand, instead of awkwardly dangling.
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2016-08-20 The website was easy to use. The service was fast and went above and beyond to ensure the flowers delivered quickly to the right person. The flowers were gorgeous and most appreciated.
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2016-08-09 Service rating : The flowers are lovely and the presentation is great - I had asked to be rung prior to delivery which did not happen - the delivery person called the recipient of the flowers which worked out OK but spoilt the surprise of the delivery
Product : The flowers are lovely and the presentation is great - I had asked to be rung prior to delivery which did not happen - the delivery person called the recipient of the flowers which worked out OK but spoilt the surprise of the delivery
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2015-10-28 Website easy to use. Always deliver when they say they will.
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2015-10-20 Service rating : Excellent
Product : Excellent
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2015-09-12 Service rating : The flowers were not delivered on the required day. I rang my daughter at 6.30pm and the flowers could not be located. My daughter checked with her neighbours and they had not accepted a delivery. I immediately sent any email stating that the flowers were not delivered and I also rang on the Tuesday morning and was told they would investigate. I received a call stating that the flowers were delivered just after 10am on the correct day (Monday) and was forwarded a photograph provided by another delivery person (Tuesday) showing the flowers and wine at the front door. Where the items were placed my daughter would have tripped over them when opening the front door on Monday night when searching the patio for the delivery. In talking to the customer service officer it was stated that the flowers had to of been delivered at approximately 10am on the Monday as this was the time documented by the delivery person and implied that I was lying about the time of the delivery. This was very upsetting as why would I have sent email and rang the business unless there was a problem. At no time did the customer service office offer any reasonable explanation for the delayed delivery only implying that I was in error therefore implying that I was lying. I will never do business with this organisation again and will not be recommending this business to anybody. I have been a customer service officer and a manager and was appalled at the apparent disregard and treatment that was given to me, the customer.
Product : The flowers were the wrong colour. Should have been red and the customer service officer said that the pink was close enough. If she had stated that the red was unavailable and they had substituted a pink with a red blush instead. I would have been statisfied. More training in customer service and even the delevopment of new scripts would be advisable.
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2015-08-07 Service rating : Easy to use website.
Delivery on time.
Great quality flowers.
Great prices.
Will use again.
Product : Still look as fresh as last Saturday! Very beautiful.
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2015-07-29 Service rating : The whole service was made so easy and fast. The flowers were sent on time and were beautiful! Definitely would recommend
Product : The flowers were exactly as per the order and were beautiful! Really happy with our flowers.
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2015-07-21 Service rating : Recipient mentioned she received some other flowers that came with a card - plus and apparently handwritten message - rather than what was apparently a `label`. That`s why I didn`t choose the top rating
Product : Very pleased with the actual flowers.
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2015-07-02 This is my 3rd bunch of flowers that I have ordered and each bunch has been stunning. The value for the price is great and the product themselves are always superb. I will certainly continue to order all my flowers from here.
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2015-05-25 the recipients were very happy with the flowers
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2015-05-24 Service rating : Flowers arrived on specified day with no issues
Product : Simple and elegant bouquet for sympathy flowers
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Australia Wide Shipping

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