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Lunar New Year Sydney Celebrations: A Flower Guide

Published: Monday 5 February 2024

Lunar New Year Sydney Celebrations: A Flower Guide


Lunar New Year is approaching, and so the rush to prepare for the celebrations have begun! Whether you are searching for a gift,or ornamental decorations, flowers play a significant role in the festivities. They symbolise rebirth, growth, and prosperity. 

Displaying flowers during Chinese New Year is more than a decorative tradition; it's a symbolic gesture of bidding farewell to the past year and welcoming new beginnings with optimism and joy. There are specific flowers which particularly encapsulate the rich history and meaning behind Chinese New Year. If you want to share meaningful gifts this year, take a look at our Lunar New Year 2024 Sydney floral gift guide to get into the spirit of the festivities. 



Chrysanthemums hold a special place in Chinese culture. Known for their vibrant blooms arriving in a variety of colours, these flowers symbolise longevity, rejuvenation, and nobility. In the context of Chinese New Year, Chrysanthemums are associated with a life of ease and wellbeing. We offer designs. such as A Touch of Romance and the Rainbow Dream Flower Pot, which centre warm coloured chrysanthemums at the focal point of the arrangement. 

Beyond their symbolic meanings, chrysanthemums are also appreciated for their medicinal properties in traditional Chinese culture; believed to promote good health and longevity. This layered significance makes chrysanthemums a cherished and meaningful gift during Chinese New Year. 



Orchids hold a special place in Chinese New Year and Vietnamese Tết celebrations, embodying elegance, nobility, and refinement. These flowers are highly regarded not just for their delicate beauty but for their deeper symbolic meanings. In Chinese culture, orchids represent abundance, luxury, and good fortune, making them an ideal gift to convey wishes of prosperity and success in the upcoming year. 

Their varied colours each carry unique significance, with pink orchids representing grace, joy, and happiness, and white ones denoting purity and innocence. Our designs featuring the beloved blooms, such as the Lush Orchid Posy and White Orchid in Pot, will enhance the festive atmosphere with a touch of sophistication and auspiciousness.



Peonies, often referred to as the "King of Flowers" in Chinese culture, hold  great significance during Chinese New Year celebrations for good reason. In Lunar New Year celebrations, Peonies are associated with wealth, good fortune, and high social status. Our Pretty Peony Vase includes reddish pink peonies, which is fitting as red is considered the most auspicious colour in Chinese culture, embodying joy, good luck, and happiness.

Peonies are also a popular motif in Chinese art and decoration during the New Year, allowing you to pay homage to the traditionally used motif in your gifting and decorating.



In Chinese culture, lilies symbolise good fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Displaying lilies in homes and businesses is believed to attract positive energy and success throughout the year. Lilies are often used in decorations and given as gifts during the Lunar New Year celebrations to wish for blessings and a prosperous year ahead. Their elegant appearance and sweet fragrance also add to the festive atmosphere of the celebration. You may like to gift the Pink Lily Queen Orchid to bring forth the auspicious power of the lily to loved ones. 


Beyond the Flower

Do you want to go beyond the flower this Lunar New Year, and engage the other senses? You may want to add Candles & Diffusers to your flower gift, or order them separately to truly create a Chinese New Year Sydney atmosphere. Citrus scents such as mandarin oranges are symbols of good luck and prosperity. Their fresh, zesty aroma is often associated with the New Year. This would make candles such as Mandarin and Basil and Lemon and Grapefruit befitting of the occasion. 


Lunar New Year Sydney Flowers Sorted

Flowers are an integral part of Chinese New Year Sydney celebrations and beyond, whether as gifts or decoration. These are just some of the flowers you can incorporate to truly encapsulate the tradition and nature of the festivities.



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