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Chinese New Year

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Wish your friends, family and business associates a lucky Year of the Dog in 2018 with Flowers for Everyone. Filling a home or workplace with lots of of fresh flowering plants, bamboo and flower bouquets can bring abundance and fortune into your life. Auspicious flowers for the Year of the Dog include fresh roses, Oncidium (Dancing Lady) orchids and Cymbidium orchids. Other popular choices for positive feng shui include peach blossom, cumquat trees, narcissus flowers, daisies, gladioli, lilies, lavender and peonies.

As Chinese New Year and Vietnamese Tết are celebrated during the Australian summer, Flowers for Everyone are offering beautiful flower bouquets, arrangements and flowering plants that include local seasonal blooms. Although Cymbidium orchids, dancing lady orchids, peach and plum blossom, cumquat trees, narcissus (daffodil) flowers and peonies are not commonly in season in Australia during February, we have many other stunning varieties of fresh orchids...deep pink and magenta purple Phalaenopsis orchid flowers (often known as Moth or butterfly orchids) with their lovely rounded green leaves represent blessing and good luck. And of course local summer roses in all colours of the rainbow are plentiful.

Lucky Colours for The Year of the Dog

Our flowers for Year of the Dog come in many different colours, including the lucky colours for 2018 - red, purple and green. Fresh red roses with purple lavender and luscious greenery is a wonderful gift idea when considering sending flowers for Chinese New Year. Deep red Asiatic lilies, lime green chrysanthemums, lime and purple Singapore orchid flowers, Peace lily plants, and colourful tulips are all considered to bring luck and good fortune. 

When is Chinese New Year 2018?

This year Chinese New Year falls on Friday 16th February and the festival ends on March 2nd.

Flower Delivery for Chinese New Year and Vietnamese Tết

Bring wealth, good fortune, prosperity and luck with fresh flowers delivered for Chinese New Year. Flowers for Everyone are celebrating the Year of the Dog with a beautiful selection of floral designs and flowering plants for fabulous feng shui. We also offer a supurb range of additional gift add ons including wine and chocolates. Order your flowers online, call our team on 1800 66 66 46 (local) or 61 2 8762 6300 (international). Alternatively send us an email for questions and custom floral design requests at sales@flowersforeveryone.com.au