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Winter Cyclamens Have Arrived!

Published: Tuesday 21 April 2015

Winter Cyclamens Have Arrived!

With the advent of cooler weather come all the delights of winter flowering blooms and plants. And the cyclamen is high up on our favourites list of gorgeous plants to give as gifts throughout autumn and winter.

Beautifully displayed in a neutral stone-look pot* and tucked in with fresh green moss, these cyclamen plants are perfect for either indoors or outdoors, adding a splash of colour on a cold winter’s day.

Available in two sizes and a variety of colours including tomato red, watermelon pink, candy pink, pastel pink, mauve and pure white, our cyclamen plants make ideal gifts to send hospitals, homes or offices for any occasion.

Did you Know? Cyclamen flowers are perfumed – generally pink, purple and white are more heavily scented whilst the bright red variety have less scent.



*The pictured pot is exclusive to Sydney flower deliveries only. For deliveries outside Sydney, an affiliate florist will recreate our style and presentation as closely as possible.

**Price excludes $10 delivery fee.


Potted cyclamen are often considered ‘spent’ once they have finished flowering, but they can last for many years if properly cared for. Some plants flower well into spring, but during summer cyclamens are dormant, so put the pot on its side in a shady spot in the garden. By January they will start to re-grow and that’s the time to repot them.

To get the most from your cyclamens:

  • They can be susceptible to grey mould. Lift the leaves and water directly into the soil to avoid wetting the leaves or tuber. Let plants drain after watering and avoid leaving the pots sitting in water.
  • Liquid feed every couple of weeks using a fertiliser for flowering plants.
  • Learn to twist and tug to remove spent leaves and flower stems. Do this by reaching to the base of the stem and removing it gently but cleanly.

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