New! All your Wedding Flowers in Fixed Price Packages

Flowers for Everyone’s exclusive wedding department, Brides in Bloom, now offer a variety of packages that cover all your wedding flowers from the ceremony to reception.

All packages are fully customisable, so you can still select your favourite flowers in season and colours to match your wedding theme too!

For busy brides, this is a fabulous option to both set a clear budget for your wedding flowers and save time. With just a click of a button, you can select which package of wedding flowers online best suits your needs and budget, and voila, your flowers are paid for and booked in.


Well we’ve thought of that too. Not every bride knows their David Austins from their Saharas or their Phalaenopsis from their Cymbidiums. Or if they are even in season on their wedding day. Brides in Bloom have a range of popular wedding flowers online in set designs and colours, along with a description of seasonal availability. If you decide to order one of our all-inclusive wedding flower packages, you can always use these set designs as a resource or inspiration when confirming with our florists what your flower and colour preferences are. Take a look at our range of wedding flower designs online here.


Our standard wedding flower package includes all your basic ceremony requirements based on a wedding party that has two bridesmaids and two groomsmen. For $399 you will receive a beautiful bridal bouquet, 2 x bridesmaid bouquets, 3 x men’s buttonholes, 1 x throwaway bouquet and local delivery in Sydney metro. Customise your flowers and colour scheme – once you place your order, our florists will get in touch directly to confirm the finer details. View package online.


Our standard ‘plus’ wedding flower package takes our basic inclusions above one step further, factoring in buttonholes and corsages for the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom, and table centrepieces for your reception based on approximately 50-60 guests. For $799 you will receive a beautiful customised wedding bouquet, 2 x bridesmaid bouquets, 5 x men’s buttonholes, 2 x ladies corsages (dress or wrist), 6 x table centrepieces for your wedding reception, 1 x small throwaway bouquet, and local delivery in the Sydney metro.  View package online.


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The Busy Bride’s Guide to Selecting Wedding Bouquets Online

You like the wedding bouquet you saw on page 22 of the latest Bride to Be Magazine. Those frilly little pink flowers that sort of look like roses but aren’t are really pretty. It kind of tapers down, with some trailing green vines that have little white flowers? Questioning whether they will be in flower on the wedding day though. And are we talking hundreds and hundreds for something like this? Damn, no more time to even think about wedding bouquets and flower stuff, you have to get a report finalised and submitted by C.O.B and then pack for that conference over in Perth before flying out in the morning.

Not every bride knows exactly what flower they want their wedding day themed around, or have a scrapbook of wedding bouquets cut out of magazines to bring along to a bridal consultation. Most brides are juggling a busy work schedule with wedding planning slotted in around it, and although the topic of fashion and choosing dresses may be a passion that many women enjoy and are knowledgeable about, when it comes to selecting wedding bouquets and flowers, not everyone knows where to start.

Although the Flowers for Everyone bridal division, Brides in Bloom, conduct regular free consultations with prospective brides and grooms, we understand not everyone has the time (or passion) to invest to much energy into choosing their wedding bouquets.

That is why we offer a variety of popular wedding bouquets online that you can simply view and purchase, all from the comfort of your chair. Each bouquet lists which month it is available too, so no confusion over when you can and can’t have peonies or David Austin roses!

Take a look below at just some of our wedding bouquets available for either inspiration or online purchase. You can select multiples in different sizes to cater for your bridesmaids as well. Our florists simply ensure these are designed in a slight variation to the main bridal bouquet.

What happens once I place my order?

Simple. When your order comes through, our wedding florists will get in touch by phone or email to confirm delivery address and timing, and answer any other questions you may have.

Oh, and we don’t just offer wedding bouquets online! We also have a range of corsages and buttonholes, pew decorations, table centrepieces, and even floral decorated wedding cakes that can be ordered too. If you are planning your wedding from afar our online wedding flowers and cakes are particularly handy!

Can I customise wedding bouquets online?

Sure! If you see something on our website that you like, but want to make some changes, that is fine too! At least you have a starting point to go by. Simply email us at or fill in this online quote request and we’ll be back to you within 48 hours.

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A Lush Winter Wonderland of Tulips & Orchids

Welcome to Flowers for Everyone’s lush winter wonderland. Our new 2016 Winter Floral Collection features the most beautiful fresh, locally grown blooms of the season, at equally fabulous prices. Check out some of the highlights below!

A BLIZZARD OF BLOOMS – $195.00 + $10 delivery

This extravaganza of winter white flowers is arranged in a tall, narrow cylindrical vase and given extra height with an earthy palm husk backdrop. Brimming and blooming with lush foliage and berries, the stars of this flower show are the exotic white cymbidium orchids, white Dutch peonies, perfumed oriental lilies, and Singapore orchids. This is the kind of flower arrangement you would send to make an impact! Click here to go to our online florist shop.


POTTED WINTER CYMBIDIUM PLANTS – From $99.00 + $10 delivery

You just can’t go wrong sending a cymbidium orchid plant for any occasion, from birthdays to new babies, welcomes and congratulations. Available in a multitude of colours including pretty pink, sunny yellow, burnt orange, lime green, burgundy and white, these divine plants come in a chocolate ceramic pot and are beautifully presented with fresh moss, a seagrass wrap and contrasting bow. Order these cymbidium orchid plants online here.



WHITE WINTER TULIPS AND BERRIES: From $69.00 plus $10 delivery

The essence of winter, this beautiful bouquet of white winter tulips, fresh greenery and red hipericum berries comes in a natural-look wrap finish and gross-grain ribbon. Available in twenty or thirty stems, or in a vase (particularly great for hospitals). And if you are looking for an extra little gift to send with your flowers, take a look at our fabulous limited edition ECOYA winter candles and reed diffusers or white Kennedy & Wilson chocolate bars handmade in the Yarra Valley.


LUSCIOUS WINTER ORCHID VASE: $165 + $10 delivery

A true statement piece, our tall proud vase of classic white cymbidium orchids would look fabulous in anyone’s home. Delivered in a quality glass vase, this front facing vase arrangement features a combination of lush, interesting foliage, accents of tortured willow and divine white orchid blooms for a wintery touch. Order these beautiful flowers online here.


Like what you see? Check out our full collection of winter flowers online here.

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Spring Hill Peony Farm

Every year the Spring Hill Peony Farm in country Victoria host a picnic and open paddock day.

Punters from all over descend on this beautiful property, less than two hours drive north west of Melbourne, paying a small admission into the paddock to pick a giant bunch of peonies. A mix of Melbourne hipsters and country hipsters, Asian tourists, families and Maggie Beer-esque ladies swinging baskets on their arms, tramp along a picturesque trail under ancient gums, to a field of peony roses blooming in white and every shade of pink.


charlotte in the peony farm

peony farm

peony flower fairy

peony flowers

the flower fairy

Heading back from the paddock laden down with peony roses, the rest of the day can be spent lounging on the grass under the gums, listening to music, sipping wine and enjoying a picnic. To add to the overall beauty of the scene, is ‘The Little Church’, a quaint old white weatherboard church used for weddings, creating a backdrop filled with rustic charm and character.

spring hill peony farm

sprng hill peony farm picnic

spring hill peony farm

the little church at spring hill

little church at spring hill peony farm
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Stunning peonies are not only an extremely sought after, super popular flower (brides love them!), they are only around for a short time each year (late spring to early summer) which makes them extra, extra special. If you are ever planning a visit to Melbourne in November, we highly recommend hiring a car and timing a trip around the Spring Hill Peony Farm Annual Picnic and Open Paddock Day.

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The Feng Shui of Flowers

If RSVP,, gym memberships and Deepak Chopra did not work for you in 2016, maybe it’s time to invest in flowers for the home using age-old feng shui traditions. The ancient Chinese art of feng shui seeks to balance energies (chi) within your space to promote happiness, health and good fortune. Through the use of objects, colours and formations with special symbolism, it is expected you will be able to attract positive outcomes in your life.

To New Beginnings…

With the new year comes new beginnings. And whether you are hoping to attract love or better your career, finances, health or self in 2014, the colours, aesthetic beauty and ‘aliveness’ of flowers will draw powerful chi energy into a home. According to expert Rodika Tchi, when it comes to the feng shui of flowers, attention is often paid to colors, numbers, as well as the symbolism of specific flowers. Below is a description of the most popular flower symbols in feng shui…

Love and Peonies

Peonies in the home   Peonies in mason jars   Peonies in rustic white jug

Available during the summer months, the sensual peony has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love and romance. To attract long-lasting love into your life, consider placing pink peonies in the home. Experts caution however, that peonies should be kept in the living room to promote attraction and romantic love, as peonies in the bedroom symbolize carnal lust (particularly red peonies). It is even rumoured that an image of a flowering peony in an older couple’s bedroom should be avoided to prevent affairs with younger women.

Career and Orchids

Purple vanda orchids in vaseOrchid in bud vase  White singapore orchids

If you are hoping to drive your career to new levels of success in 2014, it is recommended to display a vase of orchids (preferably purple) in the living room to bring luck and harmony to the whole household. Not only might you receive that promotion you’ve been after, but your teenage son may suddenly start getting straight A’s. Not a bad investment while beautifying your house in the process. Live in share accommodation? Consider joint investing in a communal ‘orchid kitty’ to bring harmony and career success to all your flatmates equally! Alternatively, narcissus (otherwise commonly known as daffodils, paperwhites and jonquils), are used as a feng shui ‘career cure’ to encourage proper rewards and recognition for hard work.

Jonquils in pots  Daffodils on windowsill  Simple jonquils in little glass vase

Wealth and Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums in vase   Chrysanthemums in miniature vase   Chrysanthemum head in black bud vase

In addition to a bunch of jonquils or paperwhites on your coffee table to benefit career and finances, display a vase of chrysanthemums in your home to encourage prosperity and success, ease and balance. It is believed these fluffy, long-lasting blooms represent bountiful harvests, joy and a long and successful life.

Health and the Lotus

Lotus in vase        Close up of a lotus

The lotus represents ultimate perfection. A beautiful flower rising from muddy waters, symbolising the ability of enlightened souls to rise above worldly concerns. Every part of the lotus plant, from roots to petals, has medicinal properties, further contributing to its feng shui ‘potency’ for creating a healthy and harmonious self.

To further infuse the energy of new beginnings and ‘freshness’ to your personal space, also consider placing cut branches of  blossoming flowers in a vase, such as cherry, apple, dogwood, or peach. Plus it’s a gorgeous look!

Blossom in vase  Simple blossom in vase  Elegant blossom in tall vase

‘Alive’ flowers offer more powerful ‘chi’ energy than artificial silk flowers or images of flowers, however not all these symbolic blooms, such as the lotus, are available year round. Depending on what you are trying to attract into your life in 2014, consider placing a beautiful picture of your selected feng shui flower in the home, then when in season, display a vase of these symbolic flowers beneath your image to achieve maximum, positive ‘chi’ effect.

Whether you believe in the possible outcomes of feng shui practices or not, at the very least you will be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of fresh flowers breathing life into your living space. References