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Romance: Five Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

Published: Monday 12 January 2015

Romance: Five Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

Females might seem like complicated creatures, but at the heart of it, there are some very simple (and in many cases free) ways to win a girl’s affection in those early courting days.

Bring a Gift on your First Date

This could be a posy of flowers or a little gift of sweets that you’ve heard her mention she has a particular weakness for. Most girls find that quite thoughtful and charming! Florists are used to these kind of requests and will know exactly what to suggest.

Open the Car Door

Whether it’s the taxi or your own car, most girls will find this old fashioned act to be thoughtful and endearing, no matter how ‘modern’ they may come across. Offering your coat if they are cold is also a winner too.

Make a Point of Turning off your Phone

Phones and romance don’t go together. There is nothing worse than someone checking their phone out of the corner of their eye or texting in the middle of a date. Turn it off and let your date know they have your full attention. If they don’t show the same respect back then maybe that will be your last date?

The Follow Up

Now it’s ok to pull out your phone. If you genuinely feel the date went well, send a text or email the next day to say what a great time you had. A girl likes to know where she stands one way or another, even if it turns out she isn’t as enthusiastic to continue seeing you!

Cook a Meal

Whether you are a master chef or the King of Tuna Surprise, there are few women out there who don’t appreciate a guy cooking for them. And if that seems far too daunting, buying some pre-made gourmet snacks to take on a picnic is a winner too.


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