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Choosing the ‘Right’ Valentines Day Flowers

Published: Monday 1 December 2014

Choosing the ‘Right’ Valentines Day Flowers

How do you pick the ‘right’ Valentine’s Day flowers for your girl? Is she a traditionalist? Or a little unconventional? A modernist, a romantic, or a wildly creative artist type? If you haven’t managed to discreetly sound out your lady’s favourite flower preference, here are our top five tips on choosing blooms for your Valentine.

Tip #1: When in Doubt, Go the Red Roses

I know we are stating the obvious here, but let’s face it, when it comes to expressing your love and affection on Valentines Day, you can’t go past red roses. A classic choice, you would be hard pushed to find a woman who did not appreciate receiving red roses. That, and chocolate! Okay, and diamonds…

Red rose bouquet close up

 Tip #2: Change it Up, Just a Little

Are you the type that prefers to change things up a bit? Maybe your gal’s favourite colour flower is normally pink, or white or purple. There is no hard and fast rule that you must send red roses for Valentines Day. Consider asking for a mixture of deep red and hot pink roses. Or a combination of pink, red and white roses. Or a divine bouquet of lilac ‘Blue Moon’ roses. Consider pre-ordering roses that have a name you could team with an extract from a related poem, or with a romantic message that ties the name in, such as ‘Angel Face’ or ‘Juliet’ roses. Maybe just opt for simple white, a symbol of pure, eternal love.

Red and pink rose bouquet side view

Tip #3: Mix it Up, A Lot

Get creative and mix it up. Combine red roses with pink, perfumed oriental lilies, luscious red orchids, and tropical hanging  amaranthus. Or roses with rich and velvety celosia. Consider a cottage garden-esque combination of mixed roses, dahlias, freesias, lilies and hydrangea. Ask us to customise a bouquet or arrangement using a particular colour theme with a combination of roses mixed with fresh, seasonal flowers and interesting branches such as flowering frangipani.

A Spring Symphony Bouquet

Tip #4  Throw Tradition to the Wind

Who says you have to send roses for Valentines Day anyway? Roses aren’t the ‘bee’ all and end all when it comes to expressing your how feel. If you want to spoil your girl on this traditional day, yet do it in a different way, how about sending an exotic phalaenopsis orchid plant, or a potted rose plant for that matter! Or how about a big bouquet of tropical red vanda orchids? A giant bouquet of hot pink oriental lilies? Lilies and tropical flowers such as orchids are also wonderfully long lasting!

White orchid

Tip #5  If in Doubt, Choose Flowers in a Pot or Vase

Lastly, do you know if the lucky flower recipient owns a vase? A huge, long stemmed rose bouquet or gift box of rose stems is super romantic, but a bit awkward if your excited lady only has a plastic water jug to display them in. If you are unsure, choose flowers that have been arranged in a vase or pot.


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