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Green & Vibrant: Top Plants and Floral Arrangements to Revitalise Your Corporate Office Space

Published: Friday 24 November 2023

Green & Vibrant: Top Plants and Floral Arrangements to Revitalise Your Corporate Office Space


At Flowers For Everyone, our love for all things floral stretches far beyond mere aesthetics; we’re also passionate about creating welcoming environments which foster creativity and productivity. Introducing vibrant office plants or flowers to a dull workplace can instantly transform your corporate space into an oasis of inspiration and serenity.

It’s common for us to find flower fans who hold reservations towards embellishing their stations with desk plants. The most prevailing concern being that they don’t believe their office is an accommodating environment for their corporate plants to thrive. Let us put this issue to rest. Our curated selection of stunning plants for corporate offices can thrive with very little maintenance in settings which are typically considered inhospitable for flora.


Top Corporate Office Plants

Office plants are not just decorative items; they are companions that breathe life into your workday. They’re a great way to spruce up your desk and bring positive vibes to your day. You can also consider these plants as corporate gifts if you are struggling to find a fun secret santa gift for a colleague. Let’s dive into the best desk plants for office environments.



Our terrariums are self-contained microenvironments that include an eclectic variety of small plants - like mosses, ferns, and succulents. As the plants within the terrarium grow and change, so does its appearance. This dynamic quality keeps the terrarium interesting and engaging, providing a small but delightful change of scenery over time. They’re also compact which makes them perfect for smaller desks or office spaces.


The Zanzibar Gem

Often celebrated for its resilience, the Zanzibar Gem is a perfect choice for those who might not have a green thumb. It’s drought-tolerant and can survive with minimal care, making it ideal for busy professionals. Its waxy, dark green leaves bring a lush, vibrant vibe to any desk setting.


Succulent Bowls

Succulents, with their diverse shapes, sizes, and colours, are a popular choice for office environments. When arranged in a bowl, they create a miniature landscape, offering a striking visual element to your desk. These plants are also well-known for their low water requirements. They thrive in dry conditions and need minimal care, which is perfect for busy office settings where plant care might often be overlooked.


Corporate Flower Arrangements

If you're hosting an event in your office or are having clients swinging by then perhaps you need something a little more striking than your ordinary desk plants. Our talented florists at our Barangaroo Store can also prepare corporate floral arrangements to be delivered weekly to boardrooms, lobbies, office receptions and retail stores. Many local businesses look forward to their scheduled office flowers, including Ambire. Here are a few of our favourite corporate flowers which serve as excellent custom table centrepieces.


Tropic Luxury Flower Vase

This exquisite vase filled with tropical flowers presents a whirlwind of vibrant hues, artfully arranged to create a stunning visual impact. The centrepiece of this arrangement is a tall, leaf-lined vase, showcasing a lush array of roses. 

It's complemented by the sleek, lime-green anthurium lilies, the fiery orange vanda orchids, the regal purple summer hydrangeas, and the delicate sprays of yellow dancing lady orchids - each element contributing to its breathtaking beauty.


The Empress

This floral arrangement is a masterpiece of floral elegance, epitomising luxury and sophistication. At its heart are the magnificent reflexed roses, each petal carefully unfurled to display its full beauty. Draping gracefully amongst these roses are the silky, peach-hued orchids, adding a layer of refined grace. 

These luxurious blooms are more than just flowers; they are a statement of elegance, ideal for infusing any event with a touch of glamour. Selected with the utmost care for their unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal, our Luxe collection of blooms represents the pinnacle of floral luxury, designed for those who accept nothing but the very best.


Spring Celebrations

Brimming with vividly reflexed roses and radiant sunflowers, this lively and cheerful arrangement is a surefire way to add a burst of joy to any office. Whether you’re spoiling a colleague on their birthday, celebrating milestones, or just want to brighten up the office ambiance, this stunning vase is your go-to choice. 

It’s more than just a floral arrangement; it’s a mood lifter, guaranteed to put a spring in the step of whoever receives this delightful creation. Remember, whatever the occasion, we’ve got the perfect floral solution to spread happiness in your corporate environment!



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