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Beyond Roses: Alternatives to Roses and Their Meanings

Published: Thursday 8 February 2024

Beyond Roses: Alternatives to Roses and Their Meanings


Valentine’s flowers are synonymous with roses. Red roses in particular represent deep love and passion, often conveying strong romantic feelings and heartfelt emotions. It’s no wonder they are so symbolic of the day! 

This year could be an opportunity for something different. Numerous other flowers are available that are not only visually captivating but also carry significant, specific messages on the same level as the red rose. Whether you're selecting a Valentine's Day bouquet, crafting one yourself, or organising a Valentine's Day flower delivery, we're here to assist you in exploring alternative flowers to roses. 



Do you believe you and your loved one are in it for the long haul? Are you both still staying strong after all these years? Chrysanthemums are often associated with joy, longevity, and fidelity.

This notion of lastingness is cross-cultural. In Asian cultures, particularly in Japan, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the Emperor and the Imperial family, representing longevity and rejuvenation. In China, they are traditionally used in teas and are associated with a life of ease and durability. Pay homage to the dedication and durable nature of your relationship with Chrysanthemums. Check out our special Valentine’s bouquet, The Look Of Love, and discover a breath-taking floral design featuring bright pink chrysanthemums.


Lisianthus flowers exude an air of refined elegance, often mistaken for roses due to their similar layered petals and delicate appearance. Coming in a variety of colours like white, purple, pink, and bi-colors, they make a stunning alternative to traditional roses on Valentine's Day.

They represent lasting love and appreciation, making them a perfect symbol for a deep, enduring relationship. Their gentle appearance brings a unique touch of sophistication and grace to any bouquet.

Historically, Lisianthus has symbolised an outgoing nature and congeniality. This flower carries a message of charismatic charm and is often associated with a deep, lasting bond between people, making it ideal for a gesture of love and affection. If you’re considering spoiling your partner with an arrangement showing off our beautiful lisianthus then our Pastel Princess vase is just for you. 


Snapdragons stand out with their tall, slender stems and distinctive flower clusters that resemble a dragon's mouth. These blooms come in a spectrum of colours, including pink, red, yellow, and white, adding height and texture to any floral arrangement.

They are a symbol of strength and grace, perfect for expressing admiration and respect. Their unique shape and vibrant colours make a bold statement, ideal for those looking to step away from traditional Valentine's florals.

In the language of flowers, snapdragons have been associated with graciousness and deception, owing to their unique mouth-like flower. They carry a dual meaning of fascination and mystery, making them a captivating choice for expressing complex emotions and intrigue. If you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet packed with snapdragons then you have to take a look at our Road To Romance design.

Alternative Flowers to Roses this Valentine’s Day

Roses are symbolic of Valentine’s flowers. However, they don’t have to be the only flowers you give loved ones. Alternatives to roses carry full, rich meanings that can convey a more personalised message to your loved ones.

Convenient Flower Delivery in Sydney

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