Funeral & Sympathy Flowers

Pretty Purple Posy
$ 69.95
Condolence Flowers
$ 77.95
Vanilla Cream
$ 89.95
Infinity x Peace
$ 99.95
Sympathy Flower Arrangement
$ 66.95
Native Flower Bouquet
$99.95 $89.95 - Save $10
Bereavement Flowers
$ 99.95
The Scarlett O`Hara
$ 99.95
Lady Wildflower
$ 69.95
Snow Drop
$ 65.95
Classic White Funeral Wreath
$ 109.95
For Eternity
$ 129.95
A Garden of Memories
$132.95 $119.95 - Save $13
Native Garden Pot
$ 179.95
Pure Compassion
$165.95 $145.95 - Save $20
White Orchid Tribute Wreath
$ 150.95
Luscious Winter Orchid Vase
$165.95 $150.95 - Save $15
Honour and Respect
$ 225.95
All My Love
$ 265.95
When Only the Best Will Do (White, Pink or Purple)
$ 269.95

Buy Flowers for Services at Pine Grove Memorial Park and Crematorium

Pine Grove Memorial Park and Crematorium Kingston Street NSW 2770 About Pinegrove Memorial Park & Crematorium Pinegrove Memorial Park has the widest selection of burial and cremation memorials, so you can choose how to remember and honour a loved one. They have lawn burials, cultural options including crypts and mausoleums, a Veteran memorial area, as well as one for children, and a wide range of commemorative plaques to choose from. They also have the Greater Wes'ís largest selection of cremation memorial options. Only Pinegrove Memorial Park is able to offer the people of Western Sydney the opportunity for families to be memorialised together, through options like their cremation and burial family estates, finished in either bush rock or granite. They are a non-denominational memorial park and can cater for all cultures and religions, and with over 170 acres of space, Pinegrove Memorial Park has space for individual and family memorials for generations to come. Pinegrove Memorial Park is a fresh flower only and a no-ornamentation memorial park. Their grounds feature a peaceful, open and natural setting and are maintained throughout the year by their team of qualified and experienced grounds staff. Funeral Flowers for Burials For burial ceremonies the coffin will be placed on a lowering device next to the graveside. Some families will hold a service at the graveside, while others do not. Flowers can be placed on the coffin if requested, and single flowers can be dropped into the open grave. The coffin is then lowered into the grave using the lowering device. Funeral Flowers for Cremations Following the funeral service, the coffin is moved to the crematorium. Once accepted by crematorium staff the coffin remains sealed throughout the cremation process. Flowers remaining with the coffin at the point of cremation are carefully disposed of. Families should ask their funeral director during the arrangement process if they wish to retain flowers following the funeral service. If you have any questions regarding the process of sending flowers or paying your respects with floral tributes at a funeral, please do not hesitate to call the Flowers for Everyone consultant team on 1800 66 66 46. We are here to help.

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