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Why we just adore peonies

Published: Tuesday 8 June 2021

Why we just adore peonies

Peony season is finally here, so we think it is only fitting that we share our favourite bloom and what makes it so special!


This delicate flower is utterly fantastic but very elusive with a very short period of availability. Herbacious peonies are grown in Australia, particularly in the cooler weather climates. Once the Australian and New Zealand peony season is over, you will usually see a limited season during winter where imported Dutch peonies grace our bouquets and arrangements.

First and foremost, you cannot go past their incredibly unique petals. Peonies are a very feminine and fluffy flower with stunning ruffled petals that form a large round bloom. 

While other flowers come and go, there is just something so special about the peony that never seems to go out of style. The beauty of the peony lies in their huge, round, petals abundant, spilling out of the vase. Popular with gardeners, who love the longevity of the plant with very little work required to grow. They also come in a range of colours from pretty shades of pink and deep port wine, as well as classic white and a soft mauve.


Fun Fact

Did you know the peony flower represents wealth and honor? It embodies romance and love, and is regarded as the omen of good fortune and happy marriage. This makes it incredibly popular for wedding bouquets.


Peonies are one of the most popular flowers requested at Flowers for Everyone, and are much loved by people all around the world. 

Although these gorgeous flowers arrive in tight buds, they will open up into fluffy petalled perfection as the days pass, making it clear why this is basically everyone's favourite flower. But if you want to fill your home with this pink delight, you best order fast! Peonies only bloom for a few weeks each year, so Peonies! will be available for a very limited time. Order now to avoid missing out and this rare and special treat.


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