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What kind of dad do you have?

Published: Friday 23 August 2019

What kind of dad do you have?

Father’s Day is only around the corner in Australia. On this day we typically think of what breakfast to serve in bed, the perfect gift to buy and the best dad joke to tell. We thought we should pay tribute to all the Father’s out there with a list of our favourite types of dads. We’re sure you’ll know a few of these: 


1. The Overprotective Dad

He’s not afraid to text you every 15 minutes when you're out with friends. You don’t need to tell him where you are because he already knows. He likes to know where you are at all times and will most likely run a background check on everyone you hang out with. It’s like having a personal bodyguard to protect you at all times. 


2. The Chef Dad

There was a time when a dad in the kitchen meant microwavable leftovers and frozen dinners. Times have changed, and so have the cooking skills. The roles have since been reversed and many modern dads are whipping up a storm in the kitchen; sometimes even putting the ladies to shame!


3. The Handyman Dad

The Handyman Dad adopts a Do-It-Yourself approach where everything can be fixed with a bit of elbow grease. These days everything you need is at your fingertips on your mobile phone; plumber, electrician, technician — but old school dads will tell you that they were handyman extraordinaires in the house way before these jobs became mainstream.


4. The Hip Dad

This trendy Dad usually has all the nicest clothes, listens to the latest music and is the first on any viral trends on Facebook. He’s the type of Dad you do want as a Facebook friend and not pretend you didn’t see his friend request come through. He’s the cool Dad you’re not ashamed to be seen with!


5. The Superdad

The Superdad, works hard at his job and works just as hard around the house. Cooking dinner, making lunches, chores, looking after the kids, mowing the lawns and still finding time to tuck you into bed every night. He’s the superdad no matter what the day looks like!


6. The Uber Dad

‘Your Uber driver has arrived!’ No, it’s not your Uber driver, it’s just your Dad! Forget Google Maps and Waze, this man knows his way around the neighborhood better than anyone. He’s the modern day street directory with inbuilt memory card capabilities so you’ll always arrive safe and on time! 


7. The High-Tech Dad

The high-tech Dad with the latest model iPhone and flashy upgrades. This Dad gets told off over the dinner table for always having his nose stuck in his tablet. These fathers are always in the family Whatsapp messaging groups with their dad-jokes, videos of cute animals and Internet memes. Don’t forget their high score on Candy Crush!


8. The Comedian Dad 

He may have been born without a comedic bone in his body, but when the man reached father status he became one of the greatest comedians to walk this earth (in his eyes). These cheesy one liners tend to come out at the worst times and will always guarantee a large groan from the audience. Bad jokes aside, you’ll still love him!


No matter what type of Dad you have, they all deserve some extra love on this day.

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