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Showing your love the right way, not the rushed way, this Valentine’s Day.

Published: Tuesday 12 February 2019

Showing your love the right way, not the rushed way, this Valentine’s Day.

The day of love is around the corner again, and you’ve got that special someone on your mind—the one who is first on your speed dial, the one that makes you smile, and the one you would go the extra mile for. Not always a known fact, but behind the romance and the roses, Valentine’s Day comes with a (rather strict) set of game rules that will result in either make, or heartbreak, depending on your best efforts. We’ve got the rundown on how to make your sweetheart swoon on the universal day of love…


Ensure that time is your very best friend

To best execute a flawless Valentine’s Day for your loved one, the number one rule is to beat the rush. Plan ahead, and then plan some more—write down a checklist of all of your plans, from the office flower delivery, to the restaurant reservations. We all love a surprise, but only the good kind—ensure that you get clued up through some subtle question dropping, especially if this is a rather new relationship, for example finding out what their favourite flowers are, or what cuisines tickle their tastebuds. The surprise can come through the delivery; whether its red roses on the doorstep, or a candlelit dinner.


When you’ve left it to the very last minute...

We would usually say same shame on you, but we’re feeling the love too strongly this year—if you’ve found a (very) last minute lover, or time has simply slipped by, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Luckily for you, we do offer same day delivery)*, all the secrets and details lie here.


No restaurant reservations? Don’t make the rookie mistake of walking around town and hoping for the best, you’d simply find yourself bumping heads with the other last minute loomers who are scrambling for a table. Although your restaurant of choice may be booked out, do your research and opt for a similar, yet less known option, these restaurants can even be more romantic than the jam packed initial options as you won’t be sitting elbow to elbow. In the case that you’ve exhausted your options, a beautiful candlelit dinner at home (with a large bunch of roses and a premium bottle of champagne) can go a long way.


Go the extra mile

Pro tip—it’s better to overdo, rather than underdo your romantic actions on Valentine’s Day, the last thing you want is to provide your special someone with an underwhelming experience. With each idea you have in plan, go one step above; have you ordered your roses? Perhaps throw a teddy in, or a bottle of Chandon for an extra surprise, have a lavish dinner planned? Pick them up in a car, or at their work instead of meeting them at the restaurant,—the key to the heart, could simply be that one extra step.


With the flowers, romantic dinners and sweet nothings, Valentine’s Day can indeed simply seem like a national Hallmark day, but remember, Valentine’s Day is about love, and putting in the extra effort to bring a smile to your special somebody’s face is the best way of showing that love. This upcoming Valentine’s Day, do put in that extra effort to show your affections by ordering your roses early, making that restaurant reservation now, and doing everything that you can to unlock the key to their heart.


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