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Mothers Day Flowers
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Popular Mother's Day Flowers & Gift Ideas To Make Mum Smile

Published: Thursday 28 April 2022

Popular Mother's Day Flowers & Gift Ideas To Make Mum Smile

As Mother’s Day approaches, the quest for the perfect gift begins. Amidst the wide range of options, flowers stand out as timeless symbols of love, appreciation, and beauty. Every mother appreciates a fresh bouquet of flowers, especially on Mother’s Day! 

As a team of skilled, passionate florists, we understand the importance of creating the best Mother’s day gift that leaves a lasting impression. When you give the gift of flowers, there’s so much more than what just meets the eye. While each bloom is stunning in its shape, colour and appearance, it’s what they represent that holds the greatest beauty. 

So, what does all this mean when it comes to Mother’s Day? Well finding the best Mother’s day gift that expresses just how much you love, appreciate and value the mother figure in your life is important and will make her day a memorable one. Luckily, a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers can do all the talking for you. Besides, no Mother’s Day gift is complete without a floral accompaniment. 

You may be wondering what flowers people usually opt for to say thanks to mum on her special day. While roses and lilies tend to be the best selling Mother’s Day flowers across the globe, in Australia, we tend to favour other florals such as carnations, tulips and chrysanthemums. Although mum is sure to appreciate whatever blooms you choose, it’s important to consider what each of these flowers symbolise before choosing the right bouquet. 

To help you find the perfect floral gift, we have created a guide to the most popular Mother’s Day flowers and their special symbolic meaning, offering invaluable Mother's Day flowers & gift ideas.

Best Mother's Day Flowers & Gift Ideas

While every bloom possesses its own unique significance, there are some special flowers that have their own special significance to show your love and express your feelings to your mother on this special day.


If their gorgeous fluffy petals aren’t enough to steal the show, the adorable Australian nickname - ‘mums’ will do the trick. Blooming in Autumn, these seasonal beauties are aplenty on Mother’s Day, making Chrysanthemums one of the most popular and highly sought after flowers for the special occasion. 

Most often appearing in pink, white, or yellow, the chrysanthemum flower is available in a variety of bright and pastel colours. Traditionally speaking, white chrysanthemum flowers are thought to express sentiments of innocence and purity. Pink and red chrysanthemums are a symbol of romance and affection, while yellow chrysanthemums symbolise joy and happiness. Lastly, the orange chrysanthemum is representative of friendship and celebration - which is what Mother’s Day is all about! 



With their bright golden petals and sun-like shape, it’s no wonder these blooms are the perfect gift for brightening up Mum’s special day. The sunflower is a well-known symbol of adoration, loyalty and devotion. 

The meaning behind these gorgeous flowers stems from the Ancient Greek Mythological story of Clytie the water nymph and Apollo the Sun God. It is said that Clytie was madly in love with Apollo for many years, and would gaze up at Apollo longingly in the hopes that he would return her affection. However, Apollo was already in love with another. Eventually, the other Greek Gods felt pity and sorrow for Clytie, so they decided to transform her into a beautiful sunflower, forever following the path of the Sun God.



The tulip is a flower that radiates love and happiness, bringing with it a beautiful feeling of spring. Available in a variety of brilliant shades and hues, tulips can add depth to any floral bouquet. Their unique shape and sweet meaning is the reason why these flowers are an ever-popular choice for Mother’s Day around the world. 



As a universal symbol of love and affection, roses are a Mother’s Day staple. These stunning blooms are a beautiful way to say thank you to mum for all that she is and all that she's done. While gifting these flowers is typically thought of as a romantic gesture, the true symbolic meaning of the rose comes down to its colour. 

Red roses are the iconic symbol of love, passion and romance, whereas yellow roses mean joy and friendship. Pink roses also signify gratitude and appreciation, while white roses represent purity and innocence. From a simple classic bouquet to elaborate boxed arrangements, roses make for an elegant and exquisite Mother’s Day gift. 




Gifting a Mother's Day plant is a great idea because it is neutral, besides, who doesn't love a fresh plant? Not only do plants enhance the aesthetic of the home and environment they live in as they are a source of delight and colour whether kept indoors or in a garden, but they also need minimal care - making them a nice low maintenance gift. Plants are also a great gift alternative to flowers because in comparison they live for longer and can serve as a reminder of your love and appreciation.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Beyond Flowers

While flowers enchant with their beauty and symbolism, consider augmenting your gift with a thoughtful addition.

Your Mother’s Day flowers won’t be complete without pairing your flowers with a small gift! We offer a variety of add ons that will perfectly complement your gift. Consider enhancing your gift with a scented candle or diffuser, filling her space with calming aromas. For a cosy embrace, add a plush toy, offering warmth and comfort. Pamper her senses with luxurious hand cream, ensuring her hands feel as soft as the flower bouquet petals themselves. Indulge her sweet tooth with delectable macarons or cookies, adding a sweet note to your heartfelt gift. 

These thoughtful add ons take your bouquet to another level, and really shows how well you know her preferences! 

Top Flower Colour Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

When it comes to selecting the perfect Mother's Day floral gift, the colour of your chosen flowers holds a deeper significance. Each colour carries its own unique meaning, allowing you to express your feelings in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Here are a few colour selection ideas for choosing the best gift for Mother’s Day.

  • Pink Colour Flowers: Pink flowers, especially on Mother's Day, can hold a great value and are often known for expressing love, gratitude, and appreciation for mothers and mother figures. Pink is a colour often associated with femininity, tenderness, and affection, making it the best choice for celebrating the special bond between a mother and her child. 
  • Pure White Colour Flowers: White colour is often associated with purity and innocence. Gifting the pure white flowers on Mother's Day can symbolise the pure and selfless love that mothers have for their children, as well as the innocence and purity of the bond between a mother and her child. 
  • Red Colour Gifts: Red flowers are associated with the protective nature of mothers. They represent a mother's fierce dedication to her children's well-being and safety. Also, it acknowledges her sacrifices and the unconditional support she gives to her child throughout life's journey. The red-coloured flowers, like roses, are the perfect choice to give on Mother’s Day.
  • Yellow Flowers & Gifts: The yellow colour symbolises the joy and happiness that a mother brings to her child’s life with her continuous support, love, and care. So, yellow-coloured flowers like sunflowers can be one of the best choices to give to your mother on this Mother’s Day.

Here are some of the popular Flowers you can gift on this Mother’s day:

Sweet And Petite

Treat your mom to something special with our "Sweet and Petite" Mother's Day bouquet! This bouquet is a lovely bunch of flowers designed to show how much you love and appreciate your mother and mother figure. Each flower included in this lovely bouquet is chosen to represent the beauty of being a mom, making it a heartfelt gift that she'll adore. Order now to surprise your mom and make her Mother's Day extra sweet!

Pretty Pink and Mauve Pot

This beautiful bunch of flowers is one of the most lovely things to give on Mother’s Day. We have already discussed how meaningful the pink colour is when it comes to gifting it to your mom. The Mauve colour, which is a harmonious blend of pink and purple tones, symbolises balance and harmony. It can symbolise the harmonious relationship you share with your mother. Your mother will definitely love this beautiful set of pink flowers in a Mauve pot. Order now.

To see more such beautiful flowers which you can gift to your mom on this Mother’s day, click here

Choose a Bouquet you Know She'll Love 

With flowers, there’s always a huge range of colours, types and presentation styles to choose from to suit every personality and preference! However, if you want to make Mum’s gift that more meaningful on Mother’s Day, it’s worth brushing up on the significance behind each flower.  Luckily, with this useful guide to the most popular flowers on Mother’s Day and their special meaning, you’ll have the insights to secure the perfect flowers for mum.


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