Fun in the Hydrangea Farm

Summer is on our doorstep and our hydrangea is flush! It was a family affair on the farm last weekend as we rolled up our sleeves to pick bunch after beautiful bunch of hydrangea to deliver to our customers.

Hydrangea farm
Mum rolling up the sleeves…
Hydrangea farm
Mrs Primrose is behind there somewhere!

Super Dooper Hydrangea Special

To celebrate these darling little florets of summer we have just launched a $55 Hydrangea Bouquet to our online flower shop for delivery anywhere in the Sydney metro.

Pink hydrangea bouquet 3 Blue hydrangea bouquet 2-resized Hydrangea-mixed-bouquet

And for this week only we are including a FREE Ecoya candle worth $19.95. Now that, dear friends, is what we call absolutely fabulous value.

Free Candle

To order your summertime hydrangea bouquet and receive a free ECOYA candle, click here!

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FREE! ECOYA Candle Giveaway


Purchase any flowers from our Sydney Specials range this week and receive a FREE ECOYA Mini Metro candle (RRP $19.95) with your order. Don’t miss out, shop now!

Ecoya Candle

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New! Client Xmas Gifts Online

Have your organised gifts for clients this Xmas yet? There is so much going on at this time of the year and it can be an easy task to overlook, resulting in a mad rush to work out what to buy and whom to buy for. Our range of corporate Xmas gifts online offer a full spectrum of hampers to suit anyone, at a large variety of price points to meet your budget requirements too.

Take a look below at our favourite Xmas hampers for clients, and make sure to place your order as soon as possible to guarantee supply. If you don`t see anything that takes your fancy, make sure to browse our complete collection of hampers for Xmas here.


A golden bowl of fresh tropical fruit as is or teamed with a Christmas bouquet of flowers (or a potted plant) is an appropriate, useful and excellent value idea for client Xmas gifts this year. Or how about a flame-red traditional Xmas poinsettia plant beautifully gift wrapped and accompanied by a tin of gingerbread folk locally made in the Blue Mountains from all natural ingredients?

Fruit-in-gold-bowl=for-Xma plant-and-gingerbread


Our `Ginger Spice`gift offer all the traditional trimmings for client Xmas hampers, including a bottle of German aromatic glühwein spiced with cinnamon and cloves, Xmas pud, a tin of gingerbread folk and quality chocolates. Alternatively a beautiful orchid plant for the home or office with chocolate from the Margaret River and Christmas-ey glühwein – all for under $80!

zenzen-hamper orchid-zenzen

UNDER $100

A client Xmas gift with a quirky twist – this festive coloured potted bromeliad plant has been paired with a sassy-labelled locally distilled bottle of `Wild Brumby` glühwein, particularly perfect for men or women with modern taste. Alternatively our orchid plant with a bottle of locally distilled `Wild Brumby` butterscotch schnapps provides a more classic, refined Xmas gift option.

wild-bromeliad Wild-Brumby Orchid-and-schnapps

UNDER $125

Stylish, fresh and delicious all in one – Quality bubbles, a beautiful orchid plant and a bar of fair trade chocolate ground from bean to bar in the Margaret River, styled in a natural, botanical look for Xmas. Or how about our `Make Your Own Gingerbread House` Xmas hamper featuring a beautifully packaged ready-to-go gingerbread house making kit made from all natural ingredients in the Blue Mountains, a traditional Christmas pudding, chocolate and a bottle of bubbly?

bahen-close-up Orchid-sparkling gingerbread-house-kit

UNDER $150

For your extra special clients we have a number of beautiful gift ideas. These three gorgeous Xmas hampers below are only some of our favourites! With a focus on quality over quantity (so tired of seeing hampers crammed with cheap, poor quality, gimmicky product!), our gift hampers for Christmas feature combinations of boutique coffee from country Victoria, Absolut raspberry vodka, Baileys, and Australian wine, with high quality gourmet sweet treats (many organic, fair trade or made here in Australia) to indulge on and share with friends and family over the holidays.

coffee-and-vodka Baileys-unpacked Wine-hamper-in-crate-2

Alternatively, if you are looking more along the lines of flowers for Xmas, than take a look at our flower bouquets and floral arrangements for Xmas here. Please note all our Xmas hampers are available for Sydney metro delivery only. Stocks are limited so first in best dressed, get your jingle bells on and order for Christmas now!

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Floral Notes: The Ancient Art of Perfumery

‘Jasmine petals might be petite, but their powerful aroma sparked the birth of a centuries-old perfume industry that still thrives today’.

Country Style Magazine November 2015

The waft of jasmine through my bedroom window on a summer’s evening brings back a myriad of sweet childhood memories growing up in Queensland.

Sensual, warm, sweet, illusive, narcotic, intoxicating…. this delicate white flower is widely considered to be the most exotic and wonderful of all floral scents, its properties central to the perfume industry for centuries. Hence the expression ‘no perfume without jasmine’.

Jasmine flowers

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt were the first to begin experimenting with the art of perfume making, innocently ignorant to what would ultimately become a US $28 billion dollar a year plus global industry.

The world’s first-recorded chemist cum perfume maker is considered a Macedonian woman named Tapputi. However it was a Persian chemist who discovered the process of floral distillation, using the rose as his muse to create delicate rose water.

Roses Essential Oil Bottle

Rene the Florentine took the art form to a whole new level. In fact the 16th century Italian ‘personal perfumer to the Queen of France’ set up his laboratory with secret passageways to her apartment so no formulae could be stolen en route.

Thanks to demand from the wealthy to mask their stinky body odours, the societal influence of the Queen of France Catherine de’ Medici, and the likes of Rene, France quickly became one of the European centres of perfume manufacture.

Did you Know?

  • Louis XV’s court was called “la cour parfumée” (the perfumed court). King Louis demanded a different fragrance for his apartment every day.
  • Napoleon ordered two quarts of violet cologne to be delivered to him each week, and he is said to have used sixty bottles of double extract of jasmine.
  • Josephine was partial to musk. She used so much that sixty years after her death the scent still lingered in her boudoir.

The use of perfume in France grew steadily. By the 18th century, aromatic plants were being grown in the Grasse region of France to provide the growing perfume industry with raw materials

For three days of every year, the quaint town of Grasse on the French Riviera celebrate the Grasse Jasmine Festival after a tiny fragrant flower that shaped the town’s history.

old postcard of Grasse, picking jasmine

Known as the ‘Perfume Capital of the World’, the fields surrounding Grasse produce some of the most prized raw floral materials in the perfume industry. Expert noses believe the precise aromatic compounds in the flowers grown in Grasse cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Jasmine picking Grasse

The raindrops a rose has collected, the sun it has soaked up, even the time of day it is picked, are all significant to perfumers.


Did you Know?

  • All of the jasmine and May roses that go into Chanel No 5 are grown in protected fields around Grasse. Chanel doesn’t use flowers grown anywhere else.
  • Jasmine is picked at night, right through to morning, when the sun drives the scent from the flowers. This is why it is often called “Queen of the night”.
  • It takes about 7.6 million flowers to product one kilogram of jasmine essential oil
  • It takes 50kg of rose petals to yield around 100g of rose oil, that is a lot of picking.


One day I would love to travel to the Grasse Jasmine Festival and bury my nose in their jasmine. But for now I’ll just stand under my bedroom window and drink in its luscious scent – the floral notes of summer. It may not be good enough for Chanel No 5 but its good enough for me!

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  4. Country Style Magazine November 2015

Exquisite Xmas Hampers + Ecoya Candle Giveaway

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. And to avoid breaking into a minor panic a few days before Xmas because you still haven’t finished your Xmas shopping, we are throwing out a solution to get all your gifts sorted now, with a fabulous incentive to do so!

Our Flowers Elves have been busy in their workshop designing a brand new range of exquisite Xmas hampers that offer something for everyone, whether it’s mum, dad, a dear friend or a valued client.

And if you order selected Xmas hampers by 14 December 2015, we will include a FREE Ecoya candle valued at $19.95. Now that’s got to get your jingle bells a ringing 🙂


Here are a few of our favourite Xmas hampers online, with more beautiful Xmas gift ideas to be uploaded over the coming week. Our hamper focus is quality over quantity – we have designed our ‘Nordic-themed’ Xmas hampers using premium quality products that are guaranteed to impress!


Just Add Cheese – $170


This Xmas hamper has been designed to offer all the essentials to go with cheese at the end of meal. The perfect gift for entertaining over the festive season, including two bottles of Australian wine, Italian fig & walnut panforte, Bahen & Co cracked coffee chocolate made in the Margaret River, cranberry & pistachio biscotti, organic kalamata olives, lavosh sea salt crackers and dried clusters of ‘tabletop’ muscatel grapes. Primped and preened with festive ribbon and a sweet ornamental wooden bird, you can order this Xmas hamper for corporate clients or offices to share, or for friends and family.


Christmas in Bloom – $225


Delivered in a rustic, re-usable wooden crate, this hamper features a bottle of Australian red or white wine (or sparkling) to enjoy while flipping through a beautiful hard cover coffee table book titled ‘A Year in Flowers’ (retail value $80). Of course if you are curled up on the sofa, a box of chocolates wouldn’t go astray, and these divine `pudding` chocolates handmade in the Yarra Valley by Kennedy & Wilson should do the trick. And what would a flower lovers Xmas hamper be without flowers? An exquisite white Phalaenopsis orchid in a ceramic pot finishes off this gorgeous gift for Christmas perfectly. PLUS order this Xmas hamper by the 14th December and we will include an Ecoya mini metro soy wax candle FREE (retail value $19.95).

Decorated with festive Xmas ribbons and a rustic wooden star ornamental decoration, you can order this hamper for Xmas here.


The Classic Xmas Fruit Hamper – $99


Perfect on its own or teamed with a fresh plant or flower bouquet, this super fresh and fabulous fruit hamper for Xmas is brimming with in-season fruit. Beautifully presented in a rustic, re-usable wooden crate and decorated with festive ribbon, this is the ideal Xmas hamper for fit and health-focused family, friends and corporate clients. Order this hamper for Xmas here.


The Fruit Cider Hamper – $99.50


Our Nordic-inspired fruit and cider hamper offers something a little different than the stock-standard fruit and alcohol Xmas hampers. Ideal as a Xmas gift for corporate clients, staff, friends and family, it features two bottles of Rekorderlig fruit cider, fresh seasonal fruit and a gift box of four filled chocolates by the fabulous Yarra Valley boutique chocolate maker Kennedy & Wilson. Beautifully presented in a timber crate and adorned with festive ribbon and a sweet ornamental wooden bird. Order this Xmas hamper here.


Fragrant Orchid Pamper Hamper – $140

Our range of pampering Xmas hampers feature the popular Ecoya home fragrance and body care range, such as this delightful gift box of bounty below including an Ecoya trio of mini fragrance reed diffusers(50ml) in French Pear, Lotus Flower, and Sweet Pea & Jasmine; a white phalaenopsis orchid plant in a ceramic planter, a box of four filled chocolates from boutique Yarra Valley chocolatier Kennedy & Wilson, an ornamental wooden tree ornament, and if ordered by 14 December, a FREE ECOYA mini metro candle valued at $19.95!

Ecoya-fragrance-3 xmas hampers online

Click here to view our current selection of Xmas hampers available on our website and feel free to email our sales team with any direct enquiries for bulk or customised orders at

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Spotlight: Ikebana Master Toshiro Kawase

It’s amazing what you can discover trawling on Pinterest. Ikebana master Toshiro Kawase is one of them. Searching for beautiful pictures of ikebana floral designs, I couldn’t help but notice the name Toshiro Kawase cropping up on pins. And what stunning pins they were.

Portraits of Japan in Flowers…

Born in Kyoto in 1948, Kawase earned a degree from Nihon University College of Art. After graduating, he tripped over to Paris  to work in theatre and film, which no doubt had a major influence on his perspective and poetic style. Returning to Japan in 1974 he continued to study many forms of floral arranging, his amazing talent receiving much acclaim, and his ikebana designs being described as capturing ‘portraits of Japan in flowers’.

Toshiro Kawase ikebana

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

What is Ikebana?

Ikebana is characterised by ‘extreme discipline and minimalism’. An intense study of a floral specimen to reveal its essential form. It is a balanced, contemplative, ‘meditative’ art.

As one website describes,

‘Go too far in stripping the details and the piece looses its vitality. Not far enough and the energy is obscured. To achieve such a delicate balance is the ultimate expression of humankind’s harmony with Nature, and the mark of a true master’. (1)

There are a multitude of Ikebana schools and styles that have emerged over centuries, yet Toshiro stands out as a modern day master of this ancient floral art form….

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

Kawase’s work convey the delicate balance of body, mind and soul that is an integral basis to the art of ikebana. Elemental vases play an equally important role as the floral forms themselves in his compositions.

Described by art blogger, Toshiro Kawase’s designs are;

‘They are like epiphanies, embodying all the tension and fragility of a state of grace. Small and yet hugely evocative, they are haikus in flowers. They are limitless energy barely contained in a halo of quiet. They are nature manipulated by man. Man in harmony with Nature.’ (2)

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana    Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

Toshiro Kawase Ikebana

To some these examples of Toshiro’s work may appear simple, easy to execute. Yet their simplicity belies the eye. A lifetime of study and intense practise has gone into these floral compositions. His work is inspired. Pure art. Take a look at more of Toshiro’s work on our Pinterest board here.

Make sure to follow our blog for further stories about the art of ikebana, and all things floral and beautiful.

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Photo Credit

Styling with Waratahs

“The red flowers of the waratah how beautiful they bloom
When the wattles are in yellow and gold is on the broom
They cannot be mistaken so large and a rich red
And much about their beauty has been written and been said
When red is on the waratah and birds whistle and sing
And Nature in her green cloak wears her colours of the Spring
The naturally sweet aroma of the blossom laden trees
Come wafting through the parkland in the freshening morning breeze,
The butcherbird is piping his bubbly melody
And everywhere one turns to look great beauty one does see
And the parent birds are busy in their constant search for food
For to keep the hunger at bay in their fast growing begging brood
And when Nature is at her loveliest with a bright smile on her face
The red flowers on the waratah do take pride of place”.

“The Red Flowers of the Waratah” by Francis Duggan

It’s currently waratah season in Australia and now is the time to make the most of these native beauties during the short time they are available. Take a page out of our style file below for ideas on how to decorate your home with waratahs or incorporate into a wedding bouquet if you are a spring bride.

Styling with Waratahs

Waratahs look fabulous massed on their own in a simple vase or combined in a bouquet or flower arrangement with the likes of beautiful white oriental lilies, other natives such as native kangaroo paw, and varieties of Eucalyptus foliage and gumnuts.

waratahs in vase

waratahs in rustic tin

waratahs in vase

Their bold, sculptural stems also work really well in modern arrangements, such as this Japanese style creation using maple leave branches and fantail willow found on Home Journal.

waratahs in vase

And make for a unique, Australian-esque spring wedding bouquet. Absolutely love this design below with the lipstick pink boronia accent by a Tasmanian flower grower Swallows Nest Farm!

waratah wedding bouquet

Bunches of cut waratahs can be purchased from any one of our four retail Sydney florist stores or order a flower arrangement or bouquet to be delivered by phoning 1800 66 66 46 or emailing

Blink and you’ll miss out!

Did you Know?

  1. Prior to white settlement in Australia, waratahs were reputedly placed in a bowl of water so the sweetness and life of the flower would flow into the water. This was then used to strengthen children or cure them from disease.
  2. The name waratah comes from the Eora Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of the Sydney area.
  3. Waratahs are native to Australia and the floral emblem of New South Wales
  4. There are a number of waratah colours available including red with white tips (‘Fire ‘n Ice’); cream tinged with pink (‘Shade of Pale’); red with a pink blush (‘Brimstone Blush’); blood red (‘Shady Lady’); and almost pure white (‘Wirrimbirra White’).
  5. They waratahs are a slow plant to mature and their flowering season is short, unpredictable and unreliable, generally only lasting for about a month each year, during the spring.

Sources and Photo Credits






The Mad Hatter Tea Party

Recently our in-house events team had the fabulous task of styling a Mad Hatter tea party for a bride-to-be, the lovely Josephine.

Held at the Bel Parco Room at Waterview, in Sydney’s Bicentennial Park, with Josephine dressed in an Alice in Wonderland inspired number, our team transformed the space into a magical floral Mad Hatter party themed vision.

mad hatter tea party theme

Artificial turf covered chairs and table runners, vintage books and clocks, tea pots and cups, plastic pink flamingos, strands of colourful paper lanterns, and a giant rabbit were the order of the day.

Alice in Wonderland theme

Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland

Kitchen Tea Party

Our florists had the creative licence to really go to town with these gorgeous flower filled vintage tea cups and tea pots adorning the table centres.

flower filled vintage tea cups

The food stations weren’t forgotten either, with rustic wine barrels and timber display stands to not only display the delicious finger food, but perfect little blooms as well.

Alice in Wonderland theme

Alice in Wonderland theme

Tea Party

And the cake! Hello…what is a Mad Hatter tea party theme without an Alice in Wonderland themed cake?

Mad Hatter cake

Thank you Josephine for allowing our events team to style your special kitchen tea party and take your guests ‘down the rabbit hole’ into a flower filled fantasy world!

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1920’s Style Wedding Flowers

‘Everything old is new again’ is still one of the hottest wedding trends around. Nostalgia over beautiful black and white photos of our grandparent’s (or great grandparent’s) wedding day only adds to the inspiration for wedding flowers and theming.

If you are a fan of the fabulous roaring 20’s era and considering incorporating 1920’s style wedding flowers, take a look at some of these beautiful wedding bouquets, old and new, below for inspiration.

Something Old, Something New

Roses are a clear trend for 1920’s style wedding flowers, as are Asiatic lilies and calla lilies. A large number of wedding bouquets are ‘super sized’ and ‘grand’, taking centre stage. Fine, voluminous strands of foliage such as fern and ivy, flow to the ground, as do multitudes of cascading ribbon strands with dainty flowers tied onto them. And the shape – wide, oblong bouquets dripping long tendrils of foliage from each end, rather than from the centre, that is typical of contemporary wedding bouquets. Alternatively, flat-backed sheafs (particularly the art deco favourite, lilies) show prominence, resting on the crook of a bride’s arm.

1920's wedding flowers 1920's wedding flowers 1920's wedding flowers 1920's wedding flowers 1920's wedding flowers 1920's wedding flowers 1920's wedding flowers 1920's wedding flowers

1920's wedding

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Contemporary, 1920’s inspired wedding bouquets are so hot right now. They may not all display the grandiose size of the original styles, and the trailing ribbons with flowers tied in them hasn’t really been taken up, but the wide, oblong shape and loose, wild, foliage filled bouquets are super popular. Wedding bouquets with splash of drama and a touch of the avant-garde express a glorious and stunning modern-day take on a classic era.

1920's inspired wedding bouquets 1920's inspired wedding bouquets 1920's inspired wedding bouquets 1920's inspired wedding bouquets 1920's inspired wedding bouquets

1920's inspired wedding bouquets
1920’s inspired wedding bouquets

1920's inspired wedding bouquets 1920's inspired wedding bouquets

View our complete inspiration mood board for 1920’s style wedding flowers on our Pinterest page.

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Top 10 Flower Tattoos to Consider Getting This Spring

Whether they are permanent or temporary, if you are going to go down the body art path, flower tattoos offer a huge variety of style and design options, whether it be a classic or avant-garde look.

In no particular order, here are our top ten favourite flower tattoos for spring if anyone is looking for ideas and inspiration!

1. Simple and Discreet

flower tattoo 2

2. Floral Ankle

flower tattoo 3

3. Forget Me, Not

flower tattoo 4

4. Watercolour Poppies

flower tattoo 5

5. Lady Rose

flower tattoo 6

6. Walking Flower Apothecary…

flower tattoo 7

7. Intricate Floriography

flower tattoo 8

8. Ahoy Petal!

flower tattoo 9

9. A Little Japanese, A Little Avant-Garde

flower tattoo 10

10. Summer Meadow

flower tattoo

To view more flower tattoos, check out our Pinterest board here.

Photo Sources/Credits:

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