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Our Top 3 Office Plants

Published: Tuesday 4 March 2014

Our Top 3 Office Plants


Ten hours of sleep… Excellent!
Morning jog? Well done to you!
Multivitamins washed down with carrot juice? Check!

Staying mentally and physically healthy is vital to your work performance. So what else can you do besides getting enough sleep, exercising and eating well?

Plants. That’s right. Putting plants on your desk at work.

Plants in the office   Beautiful looking plants for the office

More than just ‘decoration’, placing from one to three plants on your desk at work has been scientifically proven to directly promote good health, performance and wellbeing. [1]

This is because certain plants have the unique ability to filter toxic indoor air pollutants released from the likes of plastics, computers and copiers.

Worth investing in, given these nasty little pollutants contribute to a rather inconvenient loss of concentration, headaches, eye, nose and throat problems. [2]

Are you are currently suffering from any of these above health symptoms? If you can rule out the need for eyeglasses, and cannot blame common allergies or alcohol indulgence, then you may just start to see improvements in your health by turning your work station into a mini garden oasis.

Relaxing with plants   Plants brighten the office

Here are our top three office plants for the office that, according to NASA [3], are even fit for filtering air in space stations.


Chinese Evergreen    Chinese Evergreen

A super resilient air cleansing superhero, the Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema modestum) is also known for its centuries-old luck-bringing reputation [4], in addition to its rapid capacity for effectively removing those aforementioned nasty indoor air pollutants. [5]


Peace lilly    peace lily for the office

The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) makes the top three for its lush green leaves, elegant white flower, and ease of care. This plant requires low amounts of natural light and literally ‘talks’ to you – when its leaves droop simply give it a drink and it will salute you before your very eyes. NASA thinks it cuts a dashing figure in space too. [6]


Zanzibar Gem     Zanzibar Gem for the office

We selected the Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) in part for its fabulously exotic name, and in part for its dislike of over-watering. [7] Tolerating low levels of light, this glossy green number will filter your indoor air whilst adding a little ‘shangri-la utopia’ to your office. [8]

So there you have it! A natural and aesthetically pleasing way of styling your work station while improving your health and well-being at the same time. Relatively low initial investment for worthwhile long-term gain, that’s for sure.






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