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Flower Therapy

Published: Thursday 5 September 2019

Flower Therapy

It’s no secret that we all love flowers. If you have ever experienced receiving a bouquet of flowers before, you would remember the joy when you saw them and realized that they were for you. Or the joy on someone's face when they receive the beautiful bouquet you sent. Well there is an explanation as to why flowers make us feel a certain type of way.

You're probably assuming the love of pretty flowers is expected, that we love the look and smell of them because it’s the norm in society but there seems to be more to it. Recent studies of behavioural psychology have shifted towards the deeper meaning to our positive reactions to a bouquet of flowers.

Here is an insight into the benefits flowers can have on the brain:

Flowers Create Happiness
Flowers have the ability to give an immediate boost of happiness. The bright colours and sweet smell can give good vibes and help to spread positivity. So why not brighten your room or send them to someone important in your life who might need to be cheered up.

Flowers Boost Creativity
Looking for motivation or creativity? Research has seen that women have more innovative ideas and creative solutions to problems when flowers were placed near them. So if you find yourself stuck on a project or can’t finish an assignment, brighten the room with a bouquet of blooms to get the creative juices flowing.

Flowers Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Flowers can trigger your happy brain chemicals - dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Dopamine is released when one expects a reward, oxytocin stimulates the feelings of trust, attachment and solidarity. Lastly, serotonin lets you feel your social importance from the giver. All of which can be released by the simple act of giving/receiving flowers!

Colour Therapy
The effects of colours on the brain is quite well known, so if you plan to send flowers for an occasion, be sure to think about the message you're trying to send. Red flowers such as roses can be associated with love and passion, whilst white can be associated with purity and sympathy. Yellow flowers can symbolise joy and happiness and blue flowers are linked to feelings of tranquility and peace.

Do we really need to explain the positive effects from smelling flowers? This one is quite straightforward. I haven't met a single person that doesn’t enjoy the sweet fragrance from a flower. Next time you want to spruce up your home decor, add a bunch of flowers and take a big whiff and enjoy the visual and mental boost.

The power of a bouquet of flowers on someone's mood or mental health is undeniable in the positive effects, we’ve all seen it first hand for ourselves, but now science has backed this up!


So if you would like to conduct your own scientific experiment - we would recommend our bright Sunflower Bouquet! Bound to spark a chemical reaction!



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