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Floral Inspired Easter Decorations

Published: Monday 31 March 2014

Floral Inspired Easter Decorations

Easter is just around the corner and presents the perfect opportunity for a weekend of ‘crafting’. Create Easter-themed decorations to spruce your abode, entertain over the holidays, or as an activity to amuse your kids, with our eggs-ellent ideas and inspirations below!

Pretty Pastel Decorated Easter Eggs    Gorgeous Decorated Easter Eggs


One. Prepare the Egg

To boil or not to boil? You can decorate hard boiled eggs, however if you’d prefer your craft project to not have an ‘eggs-piry’ date so to speak, we recommend draining their yolk and scrambling that part for breakfast!

Note: If decorating eggs with small children, hard boiled is probably a safer option. Less breakage, that sort of thing. For a rather useful guide to dying eggs with little kids, check out these tips on UK blog ‘No Twiddle Twaddle’.

Two. Choose your Design Purpose.

Place your decorated Easter eggs in rustic terracotta pots and baskets, mossy bird nests, egg cartons or simple egg cups to make cute table centrepieces for a party.

Eggs for Easter Easter Nest   Decorated Easter Eggs in Carton

Or string them together to create a sweet garland for hanging along a feature wall.

Suspending decorated eggs from a tree branch to create an ‘Easter Tree’ looks adorable too. So many options for a lazy Sunday afternoon session…

Easter Eggs    Easter

Three. Choose your Design ‘Look’

Hand died, hand painted, spray painted, decoupaged, tied…. We have created a beautiful mood board on Pinterest with all sorts of floral inspired Easter decorations.

Easter egg ideaas

How to Dye Hard Boiled Eggs

What You Need

Hard-boiled eggs
Paper towel or newspaper
Bowl or cup deep enough to completely submerge an egg
Tongs, egg dipper, or slotted spoon
1/2 cup boiling water
1 teaspoon white vinegar
Liquid food coloring (about 20 drops per color)

  • Start with cool hard-boiled eggs.
  • Protect your surface by covering with a sheet of newspaper or paper towel.
  • Fill container with the mixture of water, vinegar, and food coloring.
  • Place egg on spoon and dunk, turning occasionally so both sides get color. Keep in liquid for up to 5 minutes, leave in longer for a darker hue.
  • Carefully remove the egg and set aside to dry, voila!

Hand Died Eggs    Dyed Eggs

How to Prepare ‘Blown’ Eggs
  • Wash and dry a raw egg.
  • Insert a long needle into the large end of the egg to make a small hole. Twist the needle as you push it into the eggshell as far as you can while still grasping it.
  • Use the needle to make a slightly larger hole in the small end.
  • Push the needle into the center of the egg and move it around to break the yolk.
  • Hold the egg over a bowl with the small end down.
  • Place your lips over the hole at the large end of the egg and blow firmly until all the egg comes out the hole at the small end.
  • Rinse out the egg by running a thin stream of water into the larger hole.
  • Blow out the water the same way that you blew out the egg.
  • To dry the eggshell, prop it up in a dish drainer with the large end facing down.

Easter eggs & flowers

Excited? Here are some handy websites for further ideas and instructions on decorating Easter eggs:

Now get cracking!




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