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4 Popular Easter Flowers & Their Special Meaning

Published: Thursday 11 March 2021

4 Popular Easter Flowers & Their Special Meaning

The Easter long weekend is a much anticipated time of year to relax, unwind, and spend quality time with our loved ones. While last year’s Easter was a little different amidst all the uncertainty of the global pandemic, this year we hope to see the return of Easter egg hunts, Sunday lunches and for those who are religious - visits to the local church. With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across Australia and the gradual return to normality, this Easter will be an extra special celebration of rebirth. 

To truly celebrate this wonderful occasion with friends and family, why not have a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered straight to their door? Gifting flowers alongside a delicious box of chocolates is an excellent way to surprise those who you hold dear. With each colour and shape indicating a different symbolic meaning, a gorgeous bunch of flowers will make for the perfect Easter table centrepiece or outdoor decoration. 

So, to help you choose the perfect Easter bouquet for your loved ones, we’ve put together a list of our four favourite Easter flowers and their unique symbolic meanings - 



Tulips, as a symbol of love, happiness and new life, are the most popular and highly sought after flowers throughout the Easter period. The blooms of tulips are meant to represent the renewal of spring and summer, and while this may ring true for the Northern Hemisphere, the tulips special Easter meaning is still just as poignant here in Australia. 

Sweet and vibrant, these Spring flowers come in an array of gorgeous bright colours. The yellow tulip is typically associated with joy and friendship, while the white buds symbolise purity, forgiveness and humility. Pink tulips typically express innocence and youth, while the purple tulip is a symbol of royalty - making them the ideal religious choice for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as the son of God. 

Want to spoil mum with a gorgeous bunch of tulips? Then take a look at our Mixed Tulips with Lindt Bunny bouquet for an extra sweet Easter treat. 


White Lily

Another popular and traditional Easter flower is the exquisite white Lily. These beautiful blooms have long been considered a symbol of resurrection, and today evoke sentiments of new life, purity, hope and spirituality. According to the Christian faith, Lilies are associated with the resurrection and rebirth of Christ. 

The bulb of these flowers when buried in the ground is representative of the tomb of Jesus, and once they bloom into the brilliant fragrant flowers, they become the symbol of life after death. The Lily’s white colouring stands for the purity of Jesus Christ and the joy of the resurrection, while the actual trumpet-like shape signifies Gabriel's trumpet call to new life.

We’ve got an abundance of white Lily arrangements that are perfect for conveying these special Easter sentiments, like this gorgeous Snowy White Flower Bouquet, or Garden of Memories floral pot. 



According to Greek mythology, the sunflower, with its vibrant yellow petals and sun-like shape, is believed to always face towards the sunshine. Many believe this is the reason why it was given the name it is now famously known for. 

The sunflower is regarded as a highly spiritual flower with a deep symbolic meaning, because the blooms are thought to worship the sun as it slowly moves and travels across the sky each day. In essence, they’re a symbol of true faith and devotion. 

This can be connected to Christians worshipping the rebirth of Jesus Christ, and other religions that follow a spiritual guide or divine being.

The sunflower’s symbol of adoration and loyalty can also be connected to the Ancient Greek Mythological story of Clytie and Apollo the Sun God. Whereby the water nymph, Clytie, fell in love with the Sun God, Apollo. Clytie would gaze up at Apollo in the hopes that he would return her affection, however the love was unfortunately unrequited. In time, the other Greek Gods felt pity and sorrow for Clytie, so they decided to transform her into a beautiful sunflower, forever following the path of the Sun God.

However, the meaning of the sunflower can vary across cultures. In some countries, the sunflower’s yellow colour is symbolic of vitality, friendship, and happiness. For their vibrant colouring, unique shape and various different meanings, the sunflower is a largely popular flower throughout the Easter period. 

If you’re after a spectacular table centrepiece for your Easter sunday lunch, be sure to take a look at our beautiful Sunflower Gold bouquet. This classic bouquet is guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s faces. 


Yellow rose

If you’ve ever been gifted a magnificent bouquet of yellow roses, it’s easy to see why these beautiful flowers are a popular gifting choice for every occasion. Being a celebration of love, life and rebirth, the yellow rose is a beautiful flower to give a loved or adorn a table over the Easter long weekend. 

These special flowers have long been a symbol of friendship, happiness and care. Sending yellow roses to a dear friend  is a lighthearted and kind way to show them that you are thinking of them. With their vibrant yellow hue, yellow roses are the perfect way to toast to long-lasting friendship, lift spirits and send a general wish for good health and happiness. 

If you’re unsure what yellow rose bouquet to send a friend this Easter, consider this gorgeous Limoncello Rose Posy, featuring a mixture of creamy lemon and citrus yellow roses, springs of dainty native white waxflower and glossy magnolia leaves.


Spread the Easter cheer with flowers

Whether you’re searching for traditional flowers that are symbolic of this religious holiday or simply after a bouquet to brighten the home, understanding the symbolism and meaning associated with each popular Easter flower and their colour will help you find the perfect floral fit. 


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