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Celebrity Sons & Their Mums

Published: Wednesday 1 April 2015

Celebrity Sons & Their Mums

Not every man is close to their mum, but these famous celebrity males have always been known to have a special relationship with their wonderful mothers. We wonder what it would be like to be the mother of a movie star or singer the calibre of George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake? We’re 100% sure these men would buy Mothers Day flowers each year, no doubt about it. Oh, would love to be the florist of choice for these stars! In fact, we’d be guessing that flowers would be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to showering these deserving ladies with Mothers Day gifts!!!

A new car or private jet to an island resort? Shopping on Rodeo Drive or Paris? Or in the case of the lovely David B,  traditional British pie and mushy peas maybe? Either way, these boys obviously think their mum’s are the bomb.

Ryan Gosling – What a Sweetie Pie!

Ryan Gosling out and about with his mum Donna. Just another reason to herald Ryan Gosling as a total honey.

ryan gosling and mother

Image Source

Brad Pitt – Ever Devoted to His Mum

Family oriented Brad with his mum Jane, often seen as his date at red carpet events. Who needs one of the world’s most beautiful women on your arm at all times when you have your mum to step out with?

Brad Pitt and his mum

Image Source

Robbie Williams – Loving Angels

“Rumour has it Robbie wrote his most celebrated song, Angels, as a dedication to his loving mum Jan, because she ‘offers him protection, a lot of love and affection.’ Clearly, the singer is a man who loves his mother dearly.”(1)

Reference (1)


Image Source

David Beckham – And His ‘Soccer Mum’

David never seems to have forgotten his roots, or the support he so obviously received from his mum Sandra during all those years of football training growing up (and ever since). What a mum!

david beckham and his mum

By George – The Devoted Son

George’s mum Nina has often attended this ex-eternal bachelor’s red carpet events and you can just tell by the way he is looking at her in this photo how much he adores her. She was always going to be a hard act to follow!



Grounded Leo – Orbits His Mother

You can clearly see the family resemblance in this photograph of Leonard with his mother Irmalin. “The Hollywood star is well known for being a bit of a mummy’s boy, once claiming: “My mother is the center of my life”. (2)

Leonardo Di Caprio

Image Source

Justin Timberlake – R-E-S-P-E-C-T

You can see where JT gets his blue eyes and curly locks from. “She’ll always be my mum, you know,” he told Contact Music. “When I go home, she’ll still tell me that I wear my pants too low.”

The 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Audience

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