The Sweet Scent of Success

When Flowers for Everyone Owner & General Manager Ryan Primrose decided it was time to start his own business, he looked no further than his family (and, coincidentally, his last name) for inspiration. With a floral empire now encompassing the whole of Australia, and with an impressive network of floral professionals, Ryan was recently featured in the article ‘Dream Creative Jobs and the Australians Doing Them’. 

Ryan was inspired to build a team comprised of local florists and growers, and today Flowers for Everyone is renowned for their superior service and outstanding arrangements.  

He took a moment out of his busy schedule to discuss his inspiration with Bupa Life Insurance, listing the work he did for the ARIA awards and Andrea Bocelli’s concert as the chief highlights in his career. As for inspiration, he finds it in the everyday running of his business as well as international flower superstars and what he sees on social media. 

A passion for the floral business and long standing relationships with growers allow the company to create a superior product due to the freshness of flowers that are grown locally and delivered daily. Aspiring business builders should recognise that the success in any creative field is based on a passionate belief in producing high quality products, delivered professionally. 

To read more about dream creative jobs and the Australians doing them, check out the full article here.

How to Care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

Are you unsure how to care for a Phalaenopsis orchid? If you have recently purchased or been fortunate enough to receive one of these beautiful plants, take a look at our useful tutorial. Shot in the Flowers for Everyone Sydney Olympic Park head office, our head floral designer demonstrates how to care for a Phalaenopsis orchid plant using easy to follow steps.

About Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

The Phalaenopsis orchid (pronounced phal-ee-nop-sis) has broad, glossy green leaves and delicate blooms shaped like a moth in flight, which explains why they are often referred to as Moth Orchids.

They come in a myriad of colours, from snowflake white to soft lemon to deep magenta. Some hybrid plants have blooms that are striped or mottled with colour (we love the white petals with splashes of hot pink!).

The plants are one of the most popular in the horticultural marketplace, and are native to southern China, Taiwan, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Queensland.

DID YOU KNOW Phalaenopsis orchid plants were among the first tropical orchids in Victorian collections?

Most Phalaenopsis orchid plants are epiphytic shade plants, or ‘air plants’ because they do not root in soil. Instead, their roots grow harmlessly upon another plant (usually a tree), and they get their moisture and nutrients from the air, rain and surrounding debris.

You will notice when buying a Phalaenopsis orchid, the pots are filled with a specialty orchid mix, not regular soil.

If you care for your Phalaenopsis properly, the flowers may last two to three months. After flowering,  your Phalaenopsis orchid will need to conserve energy for further leaf, bud and root development. Treat it right and it will grow a new stem and reflower. Now that is a thrilling moment!

We hope you have found this tutorial useful. Good luck and enjoy your gorgeous orchid plant. Questions? Post them in the comments box and we will be more than happy to answer them.

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Kangaroo Paw and Cataroos

Hold up your paw if you are a fan of Kangaroo Paw!

Kangaroo Paw is one of our top picks of the bunch when it comes to Australian native flowers. Here are some interesting facts you may not have know about this furry little flower…

  1. Kangaroo Paw is native to south-western Australia but has been developed as a cut-flower crop in the US, Japan and Israel. In Israel the plants are propagated from tissue culture imported from Australia.
  2. The flower has unique, bird-attracting appeal. A bit like Lynx for birds…
  3. Its flower resembles kangaroo paws. No, really.
  4. Most kangaroo paws are from the genus Anigozanthos. There are additional species in this genus that resemble kangaroo paws, but are actually cat paws. I wonder what would happen if you crossed a kangaroo paw with a cat paw? A cataroo paw maybe? Are we onto something here?

This is a Cat’s Paw…..

Cat's Paw

We love using kangaroo paws for their interesting flower shape, texture and height. The dwarf variety are also divine in posies too, including the pretty dusty pink kangaroo paw favoured by many an Australian bride.

Kangaroo paw colours are both vivid and bold or soft and subtle, including a magnificent two-toned bright red and green kangaroo paw, which also happens to be the emblem of Western Australia. You can get paws in a deep rich red, golden yellow, mustard yellow, soft pale green, an amazing black and lime green, burnt orange and a two tone orange and yellow.

Kangaroo paws make wonderfully long lasting cut flowers (as do native flowers in general) and work really well in modern corporate office installations and vase arrangements that need height and colour. Like these rather brilliant designs created just this week out of our head design studio…

kangaroo paw      kangaroo paw

You can find kangaroo paw in our native flower arrangements available online or request them in a custom bouquet by calling our consultants on 1800 66 66 46 or emailing

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Flowers for our Rio 2016 Athletes

Rio 2016 is in full swing and Flowers for Everyone are going green and gold to celebrate!

We can’t be there is person, but we are dedicating these green and gold inspired flowers to the amazing Aussie athletes competing in the Olympic Games. Get into the spirit of Rio 2016 with this lush collection of Australiana inspired blooms. And go Australia!

First up on our flower podium are these legend 4 x 100m gold medalists. This pretty bouquet of Cymbidium orchids, roses, poppies, carnations, and sunflowers is for you girls!

Rio 2016


Dedicated to Cate, Bronte, Brittany and Emma. Well done girls!

Waiting next to mount the Olympic flower podium is this smart green and gold number starring golden blooms such as Vanda orchids, lilies, heliconia and Banksia. Dedicated to the lads on the Archery field who won bronze in the Archery teams event. Well done guys!

Rio 2016
Alec Potts, Ryan Tyack and Taylor Worth show off their hard won spoils. Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph


Let’s hear it for the boys! Alec, Ryan and Taylor this beauty is for you!

If we could have handed Matt Horton a bouquet on the Olympic medal podium, it would have been this brilliant golden sunflower, freesia and orchid (with a touch of native Banksia and Eucalyptus) Our Rio 2016 inspired number is a shout out to golden boy Matt Horton for winning gold in the 400m Men’s Freestyle. Go Matt!

Matt Horton Rio 2016
Congrats to Matt Horton! Photo Credit:


Rio 2016
Golden sunflowers for our golden boy Matt Horton

Gosh there is quite a pool of medal winners to choose from already and its only the start of the Olympic Games! These fab sunflowers, Magnolia and Eucalyptus are dedicated to the absolutely amaaaaazing Women’s Rio 2016 rugby sevens team and their golden win against New Zealand.

Womens Rugby Sevens Rio
Go Team! Australia has made history by winning the first gold awarded in the women’s rugby sevens. Photo Credit:

Rugby sevens is among the fastest growing sports in the world. And with this victory, we predict the number of women participating in the sport in Australia is only going to rise!

Rio 2016
Bold and brassy like the strong women playing in the Olympic women’s rugby sevens team.

And our last dedication on the flower podium? These brilliant yellow tulips are for you Catherine Skinner, for winning gold in the Women’s Trap against New Zealand’s Natalie Rooney.

Rio 2016
Congrats to sharp shoot Catherine! Photo Credit:


Rio 2016
Tulips for Catherine. Our equivalent of a gold medal congrats!

These beautiful winter bouquet blends are as hot right now as the stars of the Rio 2016 Olympics. It’s all about bright yellow sunflowers and poppies, golden orchids and roses, orange lilies and bushy Banksias, happy yellow tulips, Eucalyptus gum and glossy green magnolia leaves.

Like what you see? Give our Sydney-based team a call toll free on 1800 66 66 46 or email them directly to

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Are you a Rainbow Roses Person?

Rainbow roses are one of our most popular selling flowers. So much so, we have dedicated an entire page on our website to these multi coloured beauties. And deservedly so.

Inspired by Willy Wonka and magical unicorns, these super fun and super bright rainbow roses are the bomb.

Dyed in a myriad of candy colours including blue, pink, purple and yellow, rainbow roses are perfect for people who have a cheeky disposition and a twinkle in their eye.

Rainbow Roses

They can be a little polarising amongst rose fans though. Some folks are purists, who believe a rose should remain as nature intended. And we TOTALLY get that.


Personality Profile: Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses are for people who love to dream big dreams. Who laugh out loud at themselves, and don’t take life too seriously.

Rainbow roses are for people who love colour, and lots of it. They like to believe magic exists in the world.

Rainbow roses are for people who walk a little on the wild side. Don’t conform to set boundaries and social expectations. Are like a ray of sunshine when they enter a room.


Rainbow Roses

Flowers for Everyone organise rainbow roses delivered throughout the Sydney Metro region. Our range includes 10, 20 and 30 stem bouquets, as well as long stem rainbow roses in our signature rose presentation boxes (exclusive to Flowers for Everyone). Of course we can also customise an order based on your needs and budget! Give us a call toll free on 1800 66 66 46 or email the team at

Rainbow Roses Australia

Want to send rainbow roses outside the Sydney metro? Our consultants can check availability in the area you wish to deliver to, provide a quote, and even place an order on your behalf via our affiliate florist network. Give us a call on 1800 66 66 46 or email!

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