Florist Design Challenge: Tulips

And the battle of all florist battles is on again! Vote for your favourite in our #battleoftheflorists challenge for the chance to win a $50 gift certificate with Flowers for Everyone!

Pitted against each other this week are the Flowers for Everyone florist team from Rouse Hill versus the super stars from our Market Street CBD store.


To design a flower arrangement incorporating tulips.

Value: $100

Sydney CBD Theme: French Provincial

Rouse Hill Theme: 1950’s Retro


Rouse Hill won the second round of #battleoftheflorists against our Balgowlah store. This week they are up against past champions from our inaugural challenge, the Sydney CBD Flowers for Everyone store.

Now into our third round, we have enlisted Sydney-based stylist Daisy May from Pretty Up to do a styled photo shoot of our gorgeous entries (see below pics). Vote for your favourite design to win here.


French provincial style tulip flower arrangement
French provincial style tulip flower arrangement by Flowers for Everyone Sydney CBD

1950’S RETRO

1950's Retro Tulip Flower Arrangement
1950’s Retro Tulip Flower Arrangement by Flowers for Everyone Rouse Hill

Will it be our florist team from Rouse Hill florist shop or our Market Street CBD store that will win this week’s design challenge?

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Stay tuned. The winning #battleoftheflorists florist team and lucky prize winner will be announced Wednesday 6th July before 5pm!

About Flowers for Everyone

Rouse Hill Flowers for Everyone is located GR 5 Rouse Hill Town Centre, Windsor Rd

Phone: 61 2 9629 9266


Sydney CBD Flowers for Everyone is located in the Allianz Centre, Corner of Market and Kent Streets.

Phone: 61 2 9264 4033


Flowers for Everyone also has florist stores located in Balgowlah, Merrylands, Blacktown Hospital and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney, and has been delivering flowers since 1999. Shop online at

About Pretty Up

Daisy May from Pretty Up is a brand marketer, events and product stylist, and  interior decorator who loves to “pretty up” life. Whether it be an event, interior space or a photography shoot, she is forever styling to make it more pretty.

Follow Daisy May from Pretty Up on Instagram @prettyupblog  or Facebook, or check out her inspiring blog


Hydrangeas on Manly’s Shelly Beach

Flowers for Everyone recently held a ‘Battle of the Florists’ among two of its retail stores. Our Balgowlah team had a beach theme with the design condition of incorporating ornamental kale.

The girls went all out, photographing their stunning floral arrangement on Manly’s Shelly Beach. Plenty of passers by stopped to comment on how gorgeous it was, but one of our Facebook fans took it a step further, and, after seeing the photo on our page, painted the most amazing still life of the flowers.

Hydrangeas on Shelly Beach
Hydrangeas on Shelly Beach by Terri Maddock, acrylic and pastel on matboard, 25 x 35cm.
Battle of the Florists
The original photo taken on Manly’s Shelly Beach, featuring ornamental kale, hydrangea, Scottish thistle, Eucalyptus foliage and monsteria leaves.

Curiousity piqued, we checked out Terri’s portfolio listed on Redbubble and were wowed. An accountant by day, Terri’s humble confession to art and textiles being a ‘sideline’ is understating her talent.

About Terri

How long have you been painting for?

I studied art at high school & part-time evening at TAFE (over 30 years ago, how embarrassing!). I started again 9 years ago after children etc & have really enjoyed being able to focus on painting again – mostly with pastels & oils.

How did you learn how to paint? 

I started back at art learning pastel painting with Bernard Devaux at Forestville Community Art Centre.  Bernard is a wonderful artist & our group at Forestville was great.  Since moving to Bonny Hills on the Mid north coast in December 2013, I’ve been painting with the Hastings Valley Fine Art Assoc & enjoy plain air (outdoors) painting on a Monday morning the most. We have a gallery in Port Macquarie overlooking Oxley Beach where I exhibit.

What is your favourite flower?

Roses are my favourite flower – doesn’t matter what colour, although I do like the old fashioned roses that have a beautiful perfume the best.

How can people buy your art? 

My original artworks are available from my home studio in Bonny Hills, as well as the Hastings Fine Art Gallery in Port Macquarie. Redbubble has a portfolio of paintings that are available as prints & other merchandise, with the descriptions indicating if the original has been sold.

Terri can be contacted via email at if you are interested in her work.

We are so glad Terri spotted our photograph on Facebook and took inspiration from it to produce such a gorgeous painting. Thanks Terri for sharing!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the next #battleoftheflorists competition announcement and the chance to win a $50 gift certificate with Flowers for Everyone!

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Win! Gift fit for a Super Star – Chocolate Flowers & Bubbles

To launch our new line of amazingly divine edible chocolate flowers we are running a giveaway on Instagram worth over $200.

The Prize

Our most supreme chocolate flowers of all – the ultimate ‘Super Star’ pot of sparky gold and silver foil wrapped chocolate stars. That’s five dozen chocolate stars all up. Made in Sydney from premium quality Belgian Calebaut chocolate. Yep. A veritable feast of decadent deliciousness! And to wash it all down with? A bottle of the only the finest. Moet et Chandon baby!

moet and chocolate

The Conditions

The prize is valid for pick up or delivery in the SYDNEY METRO ONLY. Must be redeemed by 31 December 2016. Cannot be swapped for other product. All good? Now follow the entry steps below!

To Enter

  1. Go to our Instagram page
  2. Follow our page. Go on now, we know you want to.
  3. Like our pic ‘#FFEsuperstar’. It’s the one with #FFEsuperstar on it.
  4. Re-gram our pic and type hashtag #FFEsuperstar and tag @flowersforeveryoneaustralia in the comments.
  5. We will be checking to ensure you have completed all the steps! Your Instagram profile settings need to be public for us to be able to verify your entry is valid.

Prize winner to be drawn and announced after 12pm on Monday 27th June on Instagram.

Chocolate Flower Bouquet

Oh and by the way, did we mention we have launched a new line of edible chocolate flowers starting from as little as $45? Just in case you somehow missed the memo, take a peek at our beautiful range of deliciously decadent chocolatey gift ideas. They are perfect for birthdays, thank you’s, congrats and new baby pressies. Teamed with a bottle of bubbles or a fun balloon they really are the bomb!

edible chocolate flower bouquet

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Simple Ideas to Jazz up your Office Desk with Flowers

We spend a large proportion of our waking hours at work, so why not instill some style to your personal work space with fresh flowers and plants? It doesn’t have to break the bank if you follow some of our handy tips below. And you don’t need to be a floral stylist to pull it off either!

Whether you are lucky enough to sit near a window or have a desk in a windowless office space, here are some simple ideas to jazz up your personal office space with flowers and plants over the winter months.


Flowering Cyclamen Plants

Autumn and winter is the season for beautiful flowering Cyclamen plants. Available in all shades of pink, mauve, purple, crimson and pure white, these little beauties look great in a basket or schmick ceramic pot on your office desk. You can also purchase quite small sized plants, if you don’t want to take up space. All they need to flourish is some natural sunlight and watering to keep their soil moist.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

If your plant starts to look a little tired (getting a bit over the internal heating), take it home and place it outside on your patio or in the garden for some cool fresh air and sunshine, keep it watered, and it will spring back.

Once winter is over and the flowering season has finished, plant these beauties in the garden. They will go dormant over the spring/summer months but fresh green leaves will begin to sprout from the soil when the cooler weather kicks in.

TIP: Remove dead leaves and flowers at the very base of their stems to allow for new growth.

Cost $$$

Expect to spend as little as $15 for a mini Cyclamen plant (no pot), or around $45 to $55 for a larger Cyclamen plant in a stylish ceramic pot.

Purchasing a ceramic pot in a style and colour that suits your office and reflects your personal taste is a great place to start. Not only is it more economical to own your own pot in the long term, but as seasons change you can easily switch your Cyclamen plant for another gorgeous option that flourishes in spring and summer.

This Cyclamen plant below is a great starting point to get your office desk looking beautiful.

$55 from Flowers for Everyone
$55 from

Succulent Terrariums

These can be super small terrariums, or larger ones like pictured below. It all depends on how much space you have to work with. Terrariums are easy to make (the perfect weekend project!) or you can buy them ready made from your local florist. Succulents are perfect for using in terrariums, but they do require natural sunlight to thrive. Watering is at a minimum, bonus!

Succulent terrarium from
Succulent terrarium from

Tip: Follow our instructions on how to create and care for plant terrariums here.


Air Plants

Did you know there are more than 650 types of air plants that can grow and thrive without soil? These bromeliads get water and nutrients through their specialised leaves, thus they are perfect for the office and anyone who does not have much of a green thumb.

Display by laying on a flat ceramic tray or plate for an architectural look, or in a mini glass terrarium like the one pictured below (we particularly like the touch of Old Man’s Beard in this!)

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Tip: Spray with a light water mist daily during warmer weather, less often in colder conditions. Fertilising helps to keep your air plants healthy for longer.

Cost $$$

A small glass terrarium and one air plant might set you back around $25.

Simple Cut Flower Bunch or Single Flower Stem

Okay so not everyone in a sunlight-free office space is lucky enough to have a stylish all-white office ensemble like the one pictured below, but see the difference a simple vase of flowers makes? What is smart about the picture below is the size of the vase. It’s narrow width at the opening means you don’t need many flower stems for them to sit nicely in the vase. In fact there are probably a few too many in this picture.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

You can buy certain flowers by the stem from your florist, which is a great way to stick within a budget. If it’s a chunky, woody stemmed flower with lots of foliage, you can easily get away with just one. Flowers such as King Protea, Warratah, Banksia, tropical crab claws and Cymbidium orchids are ideal.

Alternatively a few stems (odd numbers are best) of lilies or orchids work just as well. Chyrsanthemum daisies are cost effective too!

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Cost $$$

Single flower stems can cost around $5 to $15 depending on what they are. Note that the more expensive the single flower stem, the hardier and longer lasting it usually is. A plain bunch of cut flowers can be picked up from a florist from around $15 to $25. You could even get additional value out of the bunch by splitting it between a vase on your office desk and one at home.

Florist Design Challenge: Ornamental Kale

Welcome to the first of our Sydney inter-store Battle of the Florists!

Pitted against each other for this inaugeral floral design challenge are the Flowers for Everyone florist team from Stocklands Balgowlah versus the super stars from our Market Street CBD store.


To design a modern flower arrangement incorporating ornamental kale.

Value: $100

Sydney CBD Theme: Appropriate for an inner city industrial style apartment.

Stocklands Balgowlah Theme: Appropriate for a modern beach side home.


And here is the outcome. Vote for your favourite design to win here.

Modern Flower Arrangement
Modern flower arrangement incorporating kale by Flowers for Everyone Sydney CBD store


Beach Themed Flowers
Beachy flower arrangement incorporating ornamental kale by our Stocklands Balgowlah team.

Will it be our florist team from Stocklands Balgowlah or our Market Street CBD store that will win this first design challenge?


Stay tuned. The winning team will be announced Monday 6th June after midday!

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Balgowlah Flowers for Everyone is located in Stocklands Balgowlah, Shop 29, 197 – 215 Condamine Street.

Phone: 61 2 9907 6988


Sydney CBD Flowers for Everyone is located in the Allianz Centre, Corner of Market and Kent Streets.

Phone: 61 2 9264 4033


Flowers for Everyone also has florist stores located in Rouse Hill, Merrylands, Blacktown Hospital and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney, and has been delivering flowers since 1999.