Make your own Terrarium

Did You Know?

As early as 500 BC, plants were kept under bell-shaped glass jars for exhibit. But the terrarium in its modern form was invented purely by accident in 1827 by a London doctor. (1)

Why Is This Discovery So Awesome?

According to ‘The Little History of Terrariums’, it meant that for the first time, horticulturists were able to bring back sensitive tropical plants in Wardian cases (terrariums) well-protected from salt air and changing climatic conditions during the long sea voyage.

antique terrarium

Victorian Terrariumsantique terrarium

Terrariums became popular for growing the plants, and in the case of the rich Victorians and their love elaborate ornamentation, there were no limits. Wardian cases grew into the likes of miniature Taj Mahals and Brighton Pavilions – check out this amazing antique terrarium pictured right!

Modern Terrariums

Today our homes are often air conditioned or have artificial heating, creating dry air conditions that make it difficult for plants to thrive indoors. Terrariums allow us to keep plants easily in our homes that require very little care and look highly decorative at the same time. Closed terrariums in particular, actually thrive on neglect due to their humidity filled surroundings. (1)

mini terrarium     orchid terrarium

Terrarium style trends vary greatly and you can create an entirely different look simply by your choice of vessel, jar or cloche. Below are some of our absolute favourite terrarium designs!

teapot terrarium   cool terrarium

violet terrarium   terrariums in interior decorating

danish terrarium     vintage terrarium     terrarium orchids

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Looking for a Weekend Project?

Check out these sites for steps on how to make your own terrarium!



Caring for your Terrarium

Light: Put your terrarium where it will get enough light to satisfy the plants’ needs, but keep it out of direct sun, which will overheat the garden.

Water: Check moisture levels periodically, and mist if your terrarium needs water. Plants should not dry out, but they also shouldn’t be overwatered. If spots of mould or mildew appear, your garden has too much moisture; remove or partially open the lid for two or three days to improve air circulation.

Pruning: Prune plants to keep them from overgrowing their neighbours. Remove dead plants and plant parts as they appear.





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A Sniff of Spring Flowers

Can you sniff a little whiff of spring in the air? It may be hard to imagine spring is just around the corner, but we start noticing the change as soon as early season bloomers make their way into the markets.

Opening boxes of fresh flowers to discover the first bunch of sweet peas showing their super sweet little faces for the year, is cause for GREAT EXCITEMENT.

The same goes for other special florist favourites; the first tiny bunch of violets, daffodils, Lily of the Valley, blossom and dogwood branches, David Austin roses, hydrangea, rhododendron, Cymbidium orchids, lilac, gardenias and peonies (I could go on here); the buzz of discovery never gets tired.

We wave one of these cheeky new season bunches in the air for all the team to see, and pass around for a unison of oohs and aahs. Noses are buried into the flower heads to drink in the scents of those extra special flowers, like the slow-growing super special Daphne that smells like fruit tingles, yum!

And as ‘floral artisans’, the signs of a season change mean we get to start playing with new colours, shapes, and textures.

So on that note, it’s time to get inspired along with us. Check out our latest mood boards on Pinterest and share the excitement about the pending onset of beautiful spring flowers…

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Next week we might even share a few sneaky snaps of our new spring floral collection currently getting photographed for its launch in September. Stay tuned!

The Pothole Project: Creating Teeny, Tiny Gardens

Flicking through the Sunday papers over brunch last weekend, this picture of a miniature garden caught my attention….

The Pothole Gardener

Gaining exposure on the cover of this season’s Australian Garden History Magazine, the Pothole Gardener project is ‘all about creating unexpected moments of happiness’.


Founder Steve Wheen expresses on his Pothole Gardener blog, “My little gardens are a respite from the greyness of London. People read all sorts of things into my gardens when they try and rationalise them – something I’m fascinated with…”


“I don’t generally garden on the road, only on the footpaths (I’m not completely mad) and apart from keeping safe, the only rule of pothole gardening is I don’t ever use figures in my gardens. I use a lot of miniatures as part of the project, and as a big part of my work is inspiring peoples imaginations and I find leaving scenes helps provoke the audience”.

pothole gardener     pothole gardener


For Steve, pothole gardening is all about “getting out there and getting your hands dirty” and his happy little pothole garden inspirations have struck a chord with many others. Steve regularly receives pics of wonderful gardens from around the world that he posts to his blog. Some have even made it into his book “The Little Book of Little Gardens”.

pothole gardener


Get behind this fantastic feel good project and create a pothole garden of your own. Upload an image to Instagram tagging @potholegardener and @flowersforeveryoneaustralia –  we’ll further spread our favourite tags on the Flowers for Everyone Facebook page for even more people to feel the love!

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August Aphrodisiacs


New In-Store! Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Direct to our doorstep from Slitti’s Tuscan ‘atelier’, is the Girotto Hot Chocolate on a Stick. Ingenious and delicious, just pop these blocks of dark or milk chocolate into a mug of steaming milk, then stir and melt, or just stir a little bit and lick the rest of the chocolate, mmmmm!

Girotto Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Free Girottos!

This August we’ve included a free Italian Hot Chocolate on a Stick with the purchase of either our exotic ‘Winter Orchid’ bouquet or ‘Orchid Garden’ Cymbidium plant. A deliciously decadent gift for a birthday, romantic gesture or special occasion….

Orchid and Chocolate combo    orchid and chocolate combo

Lasting Pleasure Combo from $99.00

Deliver a divine Cymbidium orchid plant & get cosy by the fire with a free bonus Italian Girotto Hot Chocolate on a Stick. This luscious plant will provide weeks of pleasure long after the chocolate has melted in your milk! *Valid August 2014. Sydney deliveries only.

Cool Orchids, Hot Chocolate Combo from $55.00

A warming winter aphrodisiac mixture of sexy orchids and Italian chocolate. Send our Winter Orchid bouquet & receive a free Girotto ‘Hot Chocolate on a Stick’. *Valid August 2014. Sydney deliveries only.

Introducing the Tortina di Choccolato

Tortina italian chocolate

Decadent disks of premium quality Italian chocolate in milk, dark and white chocolate, flavoured with raisins, almonds, hazelnuts and puffed rice. Very European, very delicious!

Orchids & Tuscan Chocolate Combo from $69.50

Send an exotic bouquet of Cymbidium orchids with a deliciously decadent premium quality Tortina di Cioccolato Fondente direct from Tuscany. *Valid August 2014 for Sydney only deliveries. 80g Tortina (while stocks last).

Plant a Kiss Combo from $113.50

An orchid & Italian chocolate combination to truly spoil and lavish! This Cymbidium orchid plant & superior quality chocolate Tortina is the perfect winter treat. *Valid August 2014 for Sydney only deliveries. 80g Tortina (while stocks last).

Orchid and chocolate combo    Orchid & Chocolates

Andrea Slitti: Maitre Chocolatier

Andrea Slitti is considered one of the best 10 chocolatiers in the world, winning two Gold and one Silver at the International Chocolate Awards in London. Andrea is quite a stickler for using the best ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and natural vanilla (real vanilla, not the cheap chemical one!), and of course milk for the milk chocolate, with absolutely no soy lecithin. All Slitti chocolate is gluten free, and the dark Girotto is also vegan.

We couldn’t imagine a more divine chocolate to combine with Cymbidium orchids this winter. Hurry while stocks last!

Andrea Slitti