The Naughty Narcissus

Narcissus flowers provide the perfume world’s most ‘naughty notes’.

Described as sultry, rich, and earthy, its fragrance is almost a little sharp, with a ‘green’ animalic scent and traces of hyacinth and jasmine. A bit naughty smelling, the narcissus / daffodil  is worn by those not afraid to wear a perfume that makes a statement. (1)

cluster of jonquilsperfume

The essential oil is predominately produced in the Grasse region of France and the Netherlands (2), and used mainly in high end perfumes, such as Dior’s Eau de Toilette Miss Dior, Tom Ford’s Jonquil de Nuit, Molinard de Molinard, Guerlain Vol de Nuit, Armani Armani, Lancôme’s Climate de Collection, and Hermes Amazon.

It takes 500 kilograms of flowers to produce 300 grams of ‘absolute’, making it an expensive oil! (2)

white daffodil   candle

The use of narcissus in perfume isn’t a modern day haute couture occurrence.

The narcissus was used in ancient Rome for the creation of a fragrance called Naricssinum. Arabs used it in their perfumery, as well as to cure baldness. In India, narcissus oil is applied to body before prayer. It was used in cosmetics as an additive to powders, soaps and lipsticks. (2)

jonquil farm   white jonquil

The name narcissus itself was probably derived from the Greek word ‘narke’ and later adopted by Romans as ‘narce’, meaning ‘to be numb’, referring to the narcotic effects of narcissus, which can sometimes be overwhelming. A bit like when one wears too much perfume! (2)


About Narcissus Flowers…

The cultivated narcissus come in three different varieties.

The Daffodil: Featuring four to six flattened, grass-like leaves and a flower stalk bearing asingle flower with a long, trumpet like ‘corona’.

The Jonquil: Featuring two to four narrow, cylindrical, rush-like leaves and a flower stalk bearing two to six relatively small flowers with short ‘coronas’.

The Narcissus: Similar to daffodils, but its flattened flower stalk bears four to eight flowers with short ‘coronas’.

lamb   narcissus flower   erlicheer jonquil





Spring Wedding Mood Board – 2014 Trends

It’s the time of year for scraping frost off windscreens and cuddling up on the couch under a big doona.

It is also when spring brides are madly organising the final touches to their big day.

Which is why I thought it might be a good time to spark a bit of fiery excitement amongst brides-to-be with a selection of fantastical spring wedding trends and floral inspirations for the upcoming season.

According to popular wedding website The Knot, spring 2014 weddings are all about ‘rose -gold embellishments, toile and ikat patterns, condiments bars and cascade bouquets’, such as these looks pictured below….

toile wedding theme     ikat   toile weddings

The Flowers for Everyone crew have also investigated the spring wedding looks for 2014. Check out their take on the season below. Like what you see? We have even more on our Pinterest Spring Wedding Mood Board.

Big bold flower details on cakes.

According to wedding website, one of their favourite statement-making confectionary trends is the eye-popping floral detail.

“Sugar flowers are old hat, and succulents are de rigueur at indie weddings, but these real and candied creations are taking wedding cakes to new heights!”

“A few sugar flowers are sweet and sophisticated. But a cascade of ombre flowers alongside a creamy fondant ribbon? Jaw-dropping.”

wow factor wedding cake

Watermelon, Peach, Cayenne and Coral. Yum.

Hemlock green and peach Cayenne were two of the top Pantone colour trends for 2014, as featured in one of our past colour trend features. Very spring!

flowers     spring bridal bouquet


spring wedding flowers

 Floral Crowns. Big and Boho. A Little Avant-Garde.

As our head bridal designer recently told Bride to Be magazine when interviewed about hot wedding trends in their upcoming edition- it’s all about boho brides and floral crowns this spring. Floral crowns can even be attached to a vintage veil if you want the best of both worlds.

spring brides

floral crowns     floral crown

Fruit on Cakes. ‘Naked Cakes’. Foliage on Cakes.

First their was the Naked Chef. Now there are Naked Cakes. The latest wedding cake trend to hit receptions (see Hillary Duff’s cake in our extravagant bridal flower feature) is the plain tiered cake joined together with butter cream and fruit and decorated in fresh flowers. Alternatively, simple fresh foliage on a traditional bridal cake is equally springtime and divine.

peach wedding cake      naked wedding cake   simple wedding cake

Bringing the Outdoors In.

Kate Middleton made it huge. And it isn’t going anywhere. Blossom branches and foliage en-masse is going to be very ‘du jour’ this spring!

blossom  hot spring wedding trends

Planning your wedding flowers? Contact our exclusive bridal division ‘Brides in Bloom’ for a free quote on your bridal blooms and cake. 


Vintage Flowers: Layer Upon Layer

Teaming pretty vases of flowers against vintage floral wallpaper may sound a bit much, but trust us, layering flowers with flowers makes for a gorgeous interior look that is fresh, stylish, easy and in-trend.

Check out these ideas and tips below for a little creative inspiration.

Keep it Simple

Tip #1: Vintage floral wallpaper can be ‘busy’, so choosing just one type of flower that picks out a colour in the paper is a great way to start.

pretty vintage floral wallpaper   pretty ranunculas

Vintage Wallpaper – Vintage Vases

Tip #2: Vintage floral wallpaper generally works best with vintage-era vases. Use an old mason jar if you don’t have the right vase. Or rummage through op shops for jam jars, pastel-coloured parfait glasses, crystal bowls or cocktail tumblers…

daisies  vintage floral wallpaper

Use Classic Cottage Garden Blooms

Tip #3: With feminine vintage floral wallpaper, opt for old fashioned, ‘English country garden flowers’ such as the dainty Cecile Brunner roses pictured below, rather than bold natives and exotic orchids.

pretty vintage wallpaper pink   Cecil Brunner roses

Contrasting Colours

Tip #4: Sometimes vintage floral wallpaper comes in out-there Seventies colours, like this bold blue print featured below. A contrasting colour such as orange, or these simple yellow ‘Billy Balls’ in a matching blue (or white) vase not only stand out against the paper, but maintain an essence of simplicity when there is so much happening in the print design.

craspedia   vintage wallpaper blue

Keep to the Era

Tip #5: If your wallpaper is from the 1920’s, for example, consider opting for a floral arrangement that is also typical of this period.

1920's vintage wallpaper   poppies

So there you have it. Five tips from our in-house floral gurus on how to style vintage flower covered wallpaper with flower arrangements. Because let’s face it – you can never have too many flowers in the house!

For more gorgeous vintage floral wallpapers and flower inspirations check out our Pinterest board.



How to make Rainbow Roses

How do you make multi-coloured, super fun, tie dyed rainbow roses? Follow our recipe below for this new rose craze taking Flowers for Everyone by storm – Willy Wonka Roses!


A touch of Willy Wonka and a slice of wobbly rainbow cake….

willy wonka      jelly cake

A splash of vintage Bill Blass…

rainbow dress

 A wedge of rainbow cake and chocolate sprinkle strawberries…

rainbow cake     rainbow strawberries

 A unicorn, a rainbow, a rainbow cone ice-cream and a My Little Pony or two…

my little pony       Unicorn and rainbows

rainbow icecream

 And lastly, a throwback to Woodstock…


 Mix all together with love and care. Add a bow.

bubble gum roses

Flowers for Everyone’s new Willy Wonka tie-dyed rainbow roses are selling out so fast we can barely keep up! Order these colourful Willy Wonka Roses now online or call us toll free on 1800 66 66 46 to order your crazy rainbow Willy Wonka roses and bring a touch of magic and a splash of colour into someone’s day.

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Chocolate Flowers, mmmmm….

You get hungry being a florist… Standing on your feet all day with mountains of clippings around your feet. It’s great exercise, but on the particularly busy days when you are working against the clock, one needs a little pick-me-up to power through.

Now I understand a banana would make nutritional sense, but generally an ice cold coke and chocolate wins out. We think about chocolate a lot. Probably too much. Which got us on the topic of chocolate flowers – the real ones and the edible ones.

Welcome to our Willy Wonka mood board of glorious choccy-toned flowers found in nature…and in baking. Drool.

chocolate cake with flowers     Viola cornuta 'Sawyers Black'

viola_velour_frosted_chocolate_22     Tiny flower pot cakes


With names like ‘Chocolate Drop’ (see Cattleya pictured below) combined with the delicious honey scent of the Sharry Baby, it’s now wonder these moorish orchids make our mood board. How gorgeous are the Alaskan chocolate orchids… Alaska? Orchids? Who would have thought?!

chocolate cymbidium orchid
Cymbidium Orchid
sharry baby orchid
Sharry Baby Orchid
chocolate orchids alaska
Alaskan Orchids
cattleya chocolate drop orchid
Chocolate Drop Cattleya


Chocolate-black climbing hollyhocks and rich chocolate cosmos create a country cottage garden perfect for a tea party of strawberry and dark chocolate flower pots and African violet inspired pot plant cakes…


strawberry and dark choc flower pots    black hollyhock

african violet flower pots    chocolate cosmos


And just when you thought we couldn’t possibly come up with any more chocolate flowers!

Flowers for Everyone are soon launching a warming winter special offer combining selected floral designs from our sparkling new winter collection, with free Italian hot chocolate. Watch this space….