Top Seven Most Romantic Dates

“The honey’s sweet, and so are you. Thou art my love and I am thine; I drew thee to my Valentine: The lot was cast and then I drew, And Fortune said it shou’d be you” Gammer Gurton’s Garland (1784)

Top Seven Most Romantic Date Ideas

With our florist shops gearing up for Valentine’s Day, the female contingent at Flowers for Everyone got talking ‘backstage’ (as we do) about what their most romantic date would be. Read on for a florist’s perspective, in no particular order, on the perfect date.

1. The Humble Movie

Well to be more precise, a Gold Class movie. Including dinner and wine. And preferably a chick flick or romcom. And to top off the date? Pre-arrange with the cinema waitstaff for a bouquet of roses to be delivered with dessert.

Old Screen Cassanova Rudolph Valentino

2. Home Sweet Home

Keep it simple. Nothing says I love you more than a home cooked meal (and the house cleaned and the dishes done!). Concentrate on the small details, such as scattering rose petals up the footpath or hallway, lighting scented candles and/or incense, playing romantic music, placing fresh flowers on the table, and if the night goes well, throwing in a bonus massage… Now if you are not a master chef, remember it’s the thought that counts. Tip: ‘Tuna Surprise’ goes down well with an excellent quality glass of sparkling.

3.  Dinner and a Show

Investigate what acts are playing in town. A dimly lit bar with cool jazz and blues tunes or soulful folk and acoustics, accompanied by a balloon glass of red wine and a cheese plate, is most deserving of a big high five (at the very least, wink!) And for added sass – organise an arrangement of red roses to be delivered to her home (or ‘your home’) in the afternoon so they are waiting on the doorstep when you arrive back from the date. It’s all in the element of surprise. Just saying!

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

4. Candlelit Dinner

This could be on a picnic rug, in your lounge room, a hotel room, in a restaurant, on a park bench. The key element here is candlelight. It might seem cliche, but a candlelit dinner is a sure fire way to wow your date. For added flourish, send a bouquet of red roses to your date at work with a note about where and when to meet for the evening.  If at home or in a hotel room, time her arrival with your ‘special song’ playing in the background. Hearts will melt.

5. Fish and Chips on the Beach

Like I said, this list is in no particular order. Holding your girl’s hand and walking her down to the beach with takeaway fish and chips and a bottle of champers in hand cannot be looked down upon. Of course this will only work if you live near the beach. Otherwise a lake? Or a park? Just don’t forget to whip out the red rose from your man bag once you’ve poured the sparkling. Bringing along beautiful champagne glasses is a great way to show the thought you’ve put in too… A box of chocolates afterwards is a nice touch as well!

Katherine and Humphrey

6. Sports Car & B&B

Have a bit of spare cash? Arrange with your date’s boss in advance for them to leave work early / get the following day off. Hire a convertible (or the like), turn up to their work with a red rose, order them to turn off their computer, and head to a romantic B&B. Does it come with a spa? Pre-arrange to have rose petals scattered around the bath and an ice bucket of bubbly waiting on arrival. Enough said.

7. Propose. Or if Married, Renew your Vows

Okay. This is the big kahuna of romantic dates. In the words of Beyonce, if you like her you than you had better put a ring on it. What better day than surprising your love on Valentine’s Day with an engagement ring (using one of the date tips above!). And if already betrothed, why not get in touch with a marriage celebrant to renew your vows privately, or with close friends and family let in on the secret? There may be no wedding dress involved, but you can always arrange for a bouquet of flowers for her to hold!

Humphrey Bogart Knows the Language of Love...
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60 thoughts on “Top Seven Most Romantic Dates”

  1. Hubby and I have 4 young kids and another on the way. The perfect date for us at the moment just involves being able to get the kids looked after for a couple of hours so we can enjoy some time alone and a HOT uninterrupted meal hahaha

    1. Sounds Unreal Megan, I can babysit those couple of hours hehehe & congratulations on your new bundle of Joy ….:) 

  2. Somewhere I can be myself or learn something about my date. Stopping off to eat would be nice but it doesn’t have to take up the whole time. Dinner and a movie tends to take up too much time in places you have to be focused on other things. Going to the beach on a great day and then to an outdoor cafe would be wonderful.

  3. The the most romantic date I would love to experience with my husband would  be to  fly  high over beautiful Melbourne city on a air balloon.  Sipping on wine breathing in the fresh air. Love is in the air is what would describe how we would feel. 

  4. A Re-enactment Of Our First Date At The Beach Including When Hubby Was Trying To Be Cool &  A Seagull Pooped On Him – Still Makes Me Laugh Now 🙂 

  5. If the date could involve anything and be anywhere, I would choose a little cabin in the mountains of Switzerland because it would cold, all huddled up, stuffing my face with cheese because I may or may not love cheese more than my bf – just kidding 😉 Shucks – I’d give up all the cheese in the world for him! 😛

  6. My husband took me away for a romantic evening in the Carrie Valley area of Pemberton, Southwest WA.. we sat on our Veranda on the Lake, sipping champagne.. followed by a Five Star Restaurant Dining experience.. and best of all, a sleep in the next morning. Perfect.

  7. Valentine’ s Day , 16 years ago, First Date with my before Husband to be. He turned up in a full Suit, Drove me to a secluded part of Narrabeen Beach at Dusk, where there was a small round table, white Linen table cloth, a Bottle of Moet Chilling in a ice bucket and a single Red Rose. (His mum guarded from the car park LOL).  It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. It was like out of the movies for me

  8. My husband isnt very romantic he woudlnt even know Valentines Day is coming up but I am a romantic. Flowers from my hubby is something i can dream of cause i know on Valentines day it wont happen. I know he loves me and that is all that matters.

  9. I have planned a “Love On The Rocks” sunset picnic for Valentines Day & so far it’s still a surprise. At our special cove, one of our very favourite surf breaks, we’ll sit on cushions on the big flat boulders, listening to the surf rolling in, with chilled oysters & prawns from the trawler, fresh baguettes, pate & cheese & chocolates with a bottle (or 2) of icy cold French Champagne topped with the most delicious boutique Creme de Cassis that we brought home from Paris, just before Christmas. Basket is packed already with cushions, ice bucket, crystal glasses, pretty tablecloth & linen napkins, silver cutlery & candles & a special, fragile gift that I managed to bring home in my hand luggage (& keep in one piece & secret, no easy task) Music planned, beginning with The Paris Match & Cafe Bleu by The Style Council, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin ( Je T’aime,…Moi Non Plus, ooh la love) & some haunting Paolo Conte. I’ll wear Parisienne L’Essentiel, Yves Saint Laurent & spray it on the napkins too, he loves it  I feel special wearing it.  To recreate the romance that was Paris is my aim, & to thank him for the most romantic holiday of my life. Mon merveilleux, mon mari romantique, je t’adore… 

  10. My ideal date would start with some humor at a comedy show to relax the nerves followed by an appetizing high tea for two overlooking the harbour to please the palate and entice the senses. 

    Food and laughter are the best medicine to ignite the passion within.

  11. My husband drove me blindfolded to the spot we got married at Maleny , to a set up picnic. He then told me he had named a star after me so I would shine forever.

  12. This year, my 41st year, will be my very first real Valentine’s Day. It’s the first time I actually have a Valentine.

    They live in Brisbane, I live in Canberra. So we’re meeting half-way in Sydney, spending 4 nights together in a 5 star hotel (starting 14 February). We’ve got each other around 5 gifts each (I can’t tell you what they are: they’re a surprise!) We have a lot planned: karoake in a sound-proof room at Strike Bowling for just the two of us (so we can sing each other romantic songs), a visit to a day spa for a couples’ treatment, Bondi Beach for a snuggle in the surf, and a trip to Ben and Jerry’s for decadent ice cream. We have some smaller special things on our to do list, as well: like buying a packet of jelly snakes so we can “meet in the middle” 😉

    We can’t wait. Neither of us has ever been this in love <3

  13. My ideal date would be a night in a secluded waterfront cabin with dinner served by a personal butler.
    Afterwards we would retreat to our private balcony to sip champagne and lightly nibble on fruit enjoying the lit candles and soothing sounds of the ocean. Eventually we’d finish sipping our champagne in the outdoor jacuzzi mesmerized by the way the moonlight hits the water. 
    Afterwards I would play some soft and sensual music, light more candles and seduce him in the bedroom! 
    One can wish can’t they?? Haha

  14. My ideal date would be a  romantic hot air ballooning experience with my husband  fly over beautiful Melbourne and the Yarra Valley. Sipping on wine, taking in the beautiful sunrise, scenery and fresh air. Followed by a romantic breakfast! 

  15. Jazz in the Domain in Sydney was supposed to be a whole bunch of us from work, it just ended up being myself and another bloke from work. 13 years later and I reckon that was a great first date.

  16. a break from caretaking at moreton telegraph station in the wet season, with table and chairs and champers (a rose if mail plane on time!) set up in the wenlock river, cape york. That is providing the river is not too high and the crocs are at bay!!

  17. I would love to be taken to a nice waterfront restaurant or to be handed roses, but of course being single doesn’t help ! 

  18. My perfect date is a night in with my husband with a bottle of wine and some deep and meaningful conversation. No phones or television or other distractions just time together sharing our hopes and dreams and reconnect away from lifes stresses.

  19. The ideal date for me would be with my 2 beautiful daughters enjoying some fish and chips down by the beach spending time and having fun in the sand with them…that is because they are the loves of my life being a single mum!

  20. My partner and i have just moved in together and we are celebrating our first valentines day together out at sea on a cruise together,, we have planned a cheese and wine tour on one of the ashore islands we are stopping in and then we return we have a romantic dinner planned on the deck and when we return to our room my partner has organised flowers, cupcakes, wine and some rose petals to be set up…. that is the perfect way for us to celebrate our valentines day

  21. My ideal date was when my hubby surprised me with a ‘firsts’ date. He took me to every single place where significant events in our relationship happened and he had set up a little table at each spot for us to sit down and eat.The first place we kissed, the first place we said I love you to each other and it ended at our favourite lookout by the water where he proposed to me. 

  22. My ideal date with my darling is for us to be on a boat (im picturing a little dingy or a blow up pool bed) and we just sit/lay/floating together. Not even having to say anything to each other because the moment is just so perfect.

  23. A romantic date for me would be anything done personally and as a surprise, flowers delivered are always a good start, and a romantic note with some sort of cryptic clue to what was to follow would be wonderful, then more hints as the day wore on, and then even a simple dinner by the waterfront or beach, does not even need to be restarant, can be picnic or fish and chips… some quality no fuss time.. to be able to talk, hold hands, share food, chatter laughter, time to just stop and enjoy each other, look in each others eyes, see how you make them smile… that is a perfect valentines (or any time) date for me…

  24. The element of surprise and the unexpected, heartfelt tribute always works a treat to 
    bring romance to my wife who isn’t always remembered by me.

  25. My husband and I would love to spend a nice waterfront dinner with a bunch of roses then a movie (preferably romantic comedy) to follow as we don’t get to do that with kids…thanks.

  26. I would love to have flowers and go to a very nice restaurant on valentines day.  I was married on valentines day 27 years ago, and that wasn’t romantic at all. Two years later my first born arrived, as since then, even this year again, we are celebrating my daughters birthday!!!  She does have a family of her own, but no we have to do something with her.  Because I love her so much, mummy and daddy will celebrate with her again, and again 

  27. Scarlett (Johansson of course), Yacht, Whitsundays, fresh Seafood, chilled Moet, your magnificent Roses – that should do the trick…oh, me of course…

  28. Being surprised by a week long stay in Hawaii and cruise back to a Sydney. My life would be fulfilled ❤️❤️❤️

  29. I have some very fond memories of my ideal date (typing this as I am putting my hyper 3 year old to bed – sigh). My bf at the time was commuting to Melbourne every week, so got to only see him in the weekends. He told me he could only get a very late flight on our first anniversary, so we would not be doing anything on that day. Well, he turned up at 5pm with 2 dozen red roses, kissed me and told me to get changed cos we were going out. He was hovering around and asked me to also get my glasses as my eyes get sore with my lenses on too much and not to ask too many questions. We ended up at the most gorgeous restaurant for diner. Had a lovely time, and then pulled up at a hotel! (We were not going home apparently and he had squirrelled away a few things while I was getting changed). It was a place I had admired as it was right on the waterfront. We had a room which overlooked the sea, was perfect in every way. Woke up in the morning to a cooked breakfast in bed and I asked him what he got for me from Melbourne (I always did, he usually got me something like choocies). He told me it was in the bag, it was a box, with a mug he said. I got out the box, opened it and inside the mug was another box with a ring in it! He proposed, and I said yes. I will never forget the moment and the magical setting…….

  30. My fiancé & I are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend so what perfect time to think of my perfect date 🙂 Every girl dreams of being treated like a princess & being found & whisked away by a knight in shining armour…since we met our relationship has been like a fairytale & still pinching myself to make sure it’s not a dream! We are planning to move to Germany & it would be an unforgettable start to our life there to attempt to live the life of a knight & his princess by staying in a medieval castle experience even for but a night 🙂 But I won’t skip ahead too far…I would love to travel by horse & carriage to the Neuschwanstein Castle which was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom & spend the day in King Ludwig’s masterpiece…then by Porsche we would go to a magnificent medieval castle where we could stay for the night. We will climb the winding staircase to our suite on the top floor where my fiancé will carry me into our room filled with lilies (my favourite flowers). Dinner would be waiting…candlelit setting, scented flowers & guitar playing classical Spanish flamenco softly on our Juliet styled balcony overlooking a vineyard. We’d start eating just before sunset so we could watch the setting of the sun & rising of the moon & sprinkling of stars during our meal which would be a delicious combination of fresh local grown produce, accompanied by wine from the vineyard. The night will end with us making our way to a spa bath filled with bubbles to enjoy our bottle of French bubbly…I do believe that dreams come true so I’m hoping that this will be part of our honeymoon 🙂 

  31. A perfect Valentine’s date for my husband and I would be a hotel night away, child free with room service for every meal and lots of alone time locked in our room!

  32. Im a single mum and would love to take my 10 year old out to dinner on Valentines day to show him that its not just a day for romance but a day for love overall…also I hope it encourages him when he is an adult that romance brings happiness and thoughtfulness….to spoil that special someone….

  33. My farmer hubby took me up to a beautiful spot near the back of our farm to give me my anniversary present – I was quite excited imagining visions of a romantic picnic or jewellery…. until he presented me with a brand new weed sprayer! As my ever-practical husband pointed out, it matched his and I’d been saying I wanted us to spend more time together, and there were lots of weeds that needed spraying, so now we could spray weeds together and kill two birds with one stone! He might not be the most romantic bloke, but you’ve got to give him points for trying….

    1. Hi Kathy

      Congratulations, you have one two dozen roses for Valentine’s Day! Better than a weed sprayer yes? Please get in touch with us at with the Subject Header: Two Dozen Roses Giveaway, and let us know your address and phone number details to arrange delivery. Thanks again for sharing your story!

      The Flowers for Everyone Team

  34. One night my best friend and I stayed awake and watched the sunrise from the roof of my parents house, during a “deep and meaningful conversation” I announced that I didn’t care for love or marriage, but if for some unknown reason I were to change my mind, the only way I would say yes is if the guy took me to Paris and proposed to me at the Eiffel Tower – at the time I was 18 years old, had never been to Europe. 
    10 years later my “best friend” And I not only lived together but we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. In October 2012 we accidentally both slept through our alarm clocks and were late for work- turns out he had planned the whole thing and had also planned a surprise trip to Paris. On our first night we went for dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Straight after dinner at 9pm (when the lights on the tower light up) he took me out onto the area, on the middle level of the tower, just outside the restaurant (in the poring rain) and proposed- I was in such shock and had totally forgotten about the conversation that we had 10years prior, that the first thing I said was “but you didn’t get down on one knee” so down he got on one knee and said his speel all over again – I of course said yes. 
    We were married 11-08-13 and I couldn’t be happier that I married my best friend! 

  35. My fondest memory of Valentines Day was the time my husband and I shared a bag of cherries (from a brown paper bag) and a bottle of champagne on the grass at our local park. 

  36. On our Honeymoon, many years ago, sitting on the river in Noosa at a gorgeous restuarant. We watched the sunset and ate the most amazing oysters kilpatrick with plum sauce.  It was so relaxed and peaceful…if only we could find a little bit of that between the three kids, work and a busy life.

  37. My perfect date was my first ever date with my now husband. We had known each other and had been friends for 2 years before he asked me to be his girlfriend. He picked me up on the back of his motorbike and we rode along the Northern Beaches. As he was riding he was trying to get something out of his pocket. I was a bit worried because both hands weren’t on the handle bars. He finally managed to get it out and it was a small piece of paper that said “I love you.” He was too shy to say it face to face so he wrote it on a piece of paper 🙂 The rest of the date was eating an amazing dinner and seeing the sunset at “The Boathouse” at Palm Beach. But the highlight of the evening was receiving that tiny piece of paper with the words “I love you” on it.

  38. The most romantic date I have ever experience was with my current boyfriend when I first moved to Melbourne (which was the first day we met), he took me to the city and we had a beautiful dinner along the water, with a beautiful portrait drawn of us afterwards and our first kiss under the stars. I have had bad luck with guys but I know I have found my true love! :’) 

  39. It was Oct. 8th, 2011.  I had planned to take my girlfriend at the time Tonya hiking over to Lincoln, NJ on Mt. Lafayette.  It was a gorgeous fall day with warm breezes and I remember carrying around her engagement ring with me in my pocket waiting for the perfect moment and spot on the mountain.   We had started off around 10 that morning and I was hoping toward eve on the way back down the sun would be just right and reflect off the leaf colors.  We stopped for a drink at one of the lookouts and by chance we were by ourselves. I  Slyly pulled out the ring from my pocket and pretended to get down on the ground to pick something up that I dropped and I pulled out the ring while kneeling and continued to propose to her.  It was the most memorable day in my life!  That was my most romantic date I’ve ever had.

  40. I would love to just spend some time with my husband in peace and quiet before the baby comes – it will then be game over for the next 18 years!

  41. My fondest date memory is the date when I proposed to my, now, fiance. I took her for breakfast at a small cafe by the beach, where we had our favourite eggs benedicts with coffees. Followed by a walk on the beach, where we sat down and I handed her a magazine to read while we were relaxing. As she was flipping through the magazine, she found a strip of polaroid photos; three photos of me holding signs that said, “Will”, “You”, “Marry Me?”. I pulled out the hidden two dozens of long stem roses which I had previous hid behind a tree, went on one knee and pulled out the ring asking her exactly that – “Will you marry me?” She was dumbfounded for a few seconds before she said yes, and it all got a bit emotional from there. She rang her parents straight away to tell them the great news. The look of joy on her face, and the happiness in her eyes is something I will never forget. 

    1. Hi Kevin

      Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! We’ve chosen you as the winner of two dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day, congratulations! Please email us at with the Subject Header: Two Dozen Roses Giveaway, along with your address and phone number so we can arrange delivery. 

      Happy Valentine’s!

      The Flowers for Everyone Team

  42. We have not been alone on a date in 4 years since my special needs son was born. Dinner at McDonalds alone would be an ideal date for us at the moment.

  43. My ideal romantic date would be taken (possibly blind folded) to a pinic by the sea or harbour around sunset. All by surprise with cheese, wine, fruit and at least a dozen long stem red roses scattered around the picnic rug!

  44. Lay out on a blanket to watch the stars fall, don’t forget to make a wish whilst enjoying a beautiful picnic dinner and wine.

  45. The most beautifully romantic full of love and emotional time in my life was on Sunday 29th September when my adorable love of my life Giuseppe surprised me and proposed at Breakfast  point over looking the water were we first kissed five months prior.
    Now in less than a month we will marry .
    I am so blessed to have found the love of my life .
    The most caring kind hearted adorable gentleman.
    I never thought this day would come
    I am the luckiest girl alive .
    Health and Happiness to all 
    Forever . 

  46. My fondest date memory, besides when I proposed, was my first date with my now wife. We went to the movies and saw “Circle of friends.” I paid and then she insisted on paying for dinner afterwards even though I was older than her and earning more money. As I eat rather fast and she was self conscious with me watching her eat after I’d finished, she decided she was full after getting through only about half of her meal! 18 years later and she no longer cares whether I watch her eat, as long as still take her out to dinner!

  47. togetherness is the best romance u could have on valentines day some people dont have the chance of that with loved ones gone remember its nice to wine and dine but remember to enjoy ur time tgether and enjoy ur love

  48. My fondest romantic moment, now my ideal date, was my first date with my girlfriend. We’d met while travelling through Zambia and Malawi, and our first date was horse riding through the forests and villages around Lake Malawi (where we’d had our first kiss the night before) before riding the horses bare-back into the water just on sunset. There was no one else on the ride, just the guide, which made it an even more personal, romantic experience… We joked that ‘nothing could top this’ and treat every romantic moment now as being second best to our first date.

  49. My perfect date would start by being driven to a luxurious hotel by Limo with lots of champers on the way. Upon arriving at the before said Luxurious Hotel we’d have a massage/pamper session so were all relaxed ready for the night ahead….. Dinner at a top notch restaurant followed by a nice movie at Gold Class! Then back to the room to place the “do not disturb” sign on the door, and well I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!!! 😉
    Sigh, a gal can dream, I’ve been married 19 years and not even a Valentines day card……

  50. The day my wife and I wed,
    a love we felt so widespread,
    beaming all day nothing we left unsaid,
    knowing our lives were from that moment forever embed,
    our wedding day the best date I ever had a happy tear I even shed

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