Top Seven Most Romantic Dates

“The honey’s sweet, and so are you. Thou art my love and I am thine; I drew thee to my Valentine: The lot was cast and then I drew, And Fortune said it shou’d be you” Gammer Gurton’s Garland (1784)

Top Seven Most Romantic Date Ideas

With our florist shops gearing up for Valentine’s Day, the female contingent at Flowers for Everyone got talking ‘backstage’ (as we do) about what their most romantic date would be. Read on for a florist’s perspective, in no particular order, on the perfect date.

1. The Humble Movie

Well to be more precise, a Gold Class movie. Including dinner and wine. And preferably a chick flick or romcom. And to top off the date? Pre-arrange with the cinema waitstaff for a bouquet of roses to be delivered with dessert.

Old Screen Cassanova Rudolph Valentino

2. Home Sweet Home

Keep it simple. Nothing says I love you more than a home cooked meal (and the house cleaned and the dishes done!). Concentrate on the small details, such as scattering rose petals up the footpath or hallway, lighting scented candles and/or incense, playing romantic music, placing fresh flowers on the table, and if the night goes well, throwing in a bonus massage… Now if you are not a master chef, remember it’s the thought that counts. Tip: ‘Tuna Surprise’ goes down well with an excellent quality glass of sparkling.

3.  Dinner and a Show

Investigate what acts are playing in town. A dimly lit bar with cool jazz and blues tunes or soulful folk and acoustics, accompanied by a balloon glass of red wine and a cheese plate, is most deserving of a big high five (at the very least, wink!) And for added sass – organise an arrangement of red roses to be delivered to her home (or ‘your home’) in the afternoon so they are waiting on the doorstep when you arrive back from the date. It’s all in the element of surprise. Just saying!

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

4. Candlelit Dinner

This could be on a picnic rug, in your lounge room, a hotel room, in a restaurant, on a park bench. The key element here is candlelight. It might seem cliche, but a candlelit dinner is a sure fire way to wow your date. For added flourish, send a bouquet of red roses to your date at work with a note about where and when to meet for the evening.  If at home or in a hotel room, time her arrival with your ‘special song’ playing in the background. Hearts will melt.

5. Fish and Chips on the Beach

Like I said, this list is in no particular order. Holding your girl’s hand and walking her down to the beach with takeaway fish and chips and a bottle of champers in hand cannot be looked down upon. Of course this will only work if you live near the beach. Otherwise a lake? Or a park? Just don’t forget to whip out the red rose from your man bag once you’ve poured the sparkling. Bringing along beautiful champagne glasses is a great way to show the thought you’ve put in too… A box of chocolates afterwards is a nice touch as well!

Katherine and Humphrey

6. Sports Car & B&B

Have a bit of spare cash? Arrange with your date’s boss in advance for them to leave work early / get the following day off. Hire a convertible (or the like), turn up to their work with a red rose, order them to turn off their computer, and head to a romantic B&B. Does it come with a spa? Pre-arrange to have rose petals scattered around the bath and an ice bucket of bubbly waiting on arrival. Enough said.

7. Propose. Or if Married, Renew your Vows

Okay. This is the big kahuna of romantic dates. In the words of Beyonce, if you like her you than you had better put a ring on it. What better day than surprising your love on Valentine’s Day with an engagement ring (using one of the date tips above!). And if already betrothed, why not get in touch with a marriage celebrant to renew your vows privately, or with close friends and family let in on the secret? There may be no wedding dress involved, but you can always arrange for a bouquet of flowers for her to hold!

Humphrey Bogart Knows the Language of Love...
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October Wedding Flowers: Piers & Angela

As florists we are regularly asked by brides what flowers will be available during different months of the year. For brides with their hearts set on a particular flower in their wedding bouquet, it may be the deciding factor on exactly when the wedding will be held. To help guide you along the floral path for your upcoming nuptials, keep an eye out for our new bridal features showcasing past Flowers for Everyone and BridesinBloom clients on their big day. We hope their experiences and seasonal floral design choices provide inspiration, assistance with planning, and a few ticked boxes on the ‘to do’ list.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Piers and Angela Cracknell

Wedding Date- 4 October 2013 Wedding Venue – Sergeants Mess, Mosman, Sydney Wedding Dress Designer – Louise Alvarez Bridesmaid Dresses – Bridesmaids Only Men’s Suits – Peppers Wedding Cake – Sweet Art Honeymoon – Lux Resorts, Maldives Wedding Photographer – iNLiGHTEN  Wedding Colour Palette – Classic white with neutral tones

We love the story of how Piers and Angela first got together. A perfect example of ‘he’s just really into you’!

Go the ‘Singles Nights’ and go Piers!

‘Piers and I met at a house warming party in Manly a few days before Valentine’s Day 2011. He somehow found out where I would be on the evening of 14th Feb (which embarrassingly enough was a singles night at the local 4 Pines Brewery in Manly). He waited there with a friend until I arrived and then approached me at the bar. We spent the rest of the evening chatting – at the end of the night he asked for my number – the rest is history’.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Piers and Angela Cracknell

The Well Planned Engagement…and the Unplanned Wind

‘Piers asked me to leave work early on Dec 28 2012 and meet him at Catalina’s. He had arranged a sea plane to fly us to Palm Beach to meet some friends at Jonah’s (Whale Beach). The weather was terrible and the plane could not take off so we had to get there in a taxi! Once we got there, our friends were nowhere in sight. Piers then proposed out on the balcony – while we were blown about by the crazy winds!’

The wedding day

Floral Elegance: October Wedding Flowers in Australia

For Angela’s bridal flowers we created a medium teardrop bouquet with Phalaenopsis orchids and large Ivory David Austin roses, very similar to the bouquet her mother carried when she was married. Hours of delicate handling and intricate wiring was involved in the making of the bouquet, as the petals of these exquisite butterfly-shaped blooms are extremely delicate.

Bridal flowers

The bridesmaids carried small loosely arranged posies of Phalaenopsis blooms, latte Julia roses, pale antique roses, ivory David Austin roses and silver foliage.

Church flowers


Bridal party

The groom and groomsmen opted for simple ivory roses with a touch of silver dust foliage and greenery to tie in with the bouquets.     

Flowers for the groom

Angela’s Advice

My advice for the lead up to a wedding is to get all the BIG things organised and booked in within the first few months of getting engaged. The little things can wait – however not too long.

Use your networks, friends and bridesmaids in particular and delegate the tasks that you have to do, that don’t absolutely need your personal touch.

Staying calm and organised in the lead up to a wedding makes all the difference on your sanity, and if you are looking to spend more time on your weight and fitness, your health!

For the wedding itself – remember to have a moment with just you and the groom, even if its just for a minute, as the night/afternoon will fly by. Also, we hand picked all of the songs we wanted our DJ to play. However this was a very long list and I don’t think he would have even played half of them as our speeches ran over by 40 mins. In these cases I would have prioritised 40 songs to play, and the rest could be played at random, that way you don’t miss out on your favourites being played.


Wedding photos

2014 Wedding Colour Palette

The only guarantee when it comes to ‘in-style colours’ is that whatever was popular last year probably won’t be the following year. Colour trends are fickle friends, which can make it difficult to choose a wedding colour palette that will outlast the test of time. Those emerald green and shimmering purple thai silk bridesmaid dresses may have been a hit in the early Nineties, but these days it might be more about mint julip and peach. And tomorrow? Well best read on…

Emerald Green        Pinky purple 80's bridesmaid dress

Wedding Colour Palette Inspiration 

Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour, recently released this year’s top ten winning colour palettes. Leading the pack as the ultimate colour choice for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, so don’t be surprised to see this dominating elegant events and weddings over the coming months, from invitations and flowers, to dresses and decorations.

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The other nine colours in the top 2014 palette choices are no light weights either. We really love the feature by colour stylist The Perfect Palette, on how to incorporate Pantone’s top palette for 2014 into weddings, events and life in general. Click on the image collages below to gain event and wedding colour palette inspirations, starting with the elegant winning Radiant Orchid.

Online Florist, Flowers Online, Send Flowers Australia

Note – just because the colour is named after an orchid, does not mean you need to restrict yourself to orchids, as per the following example of luscious Radiant Orchid-inspired wedding bouquets.

Online florist, flowers online, Send flowers online   online florist, flowers online, Send flowers Australia   Online florist, flowers online, Send Flowers Australia

Next. The fresh and spring-time minty green of Hemlock. One of our personal favourites. Although ask us tomorrow and we may have already moved onto another!

Online Florist, Flowers Online, Send Flowers Australia

When using Hemlock in your wedding, aim to keep the bridal flowers white and incorporate Hemlock into the ribbon trims, cake, bridesmaid dresses, wedding favours, and vessels used to arrange flowers for table centrepieces, as per the montage examples below.

Hemlock green wedding mood board    Hemlock green inspired wedding mood board

Now after heated debate in the florist workshop, the overall consensus amongst the Flowers for Everyone team for their favourite colour in Pantone’s top ten (with exception to the winner of course!) is the peachy pink Cayenne. You just can’t go wrong with the likes of frilly coral tulips, blown watermelon peonies or a mixture of fat, peachy Cayenne-inspired roses.

Online Florist, Flowers Online, Send Flowers Australia

Cayenne inspired tulip wedding bouquet      Coral cayenne inspired roses

And following closely on Cayenne’s heels in our in-house colour trend popularity race? The vintage inspired, classic and neutral Sand. Think creamy David Austins, latte Julia roses and berries. So timeless…

Online Florist, Flowers Online, Send Flowers Australia    Wedding bouquet featuring latte coloured julia roses    Pantone sand inspired wedding mood board

This year’s colour trends are wide and varied enough to capture the imagination of anyone. Whether you are a spring bride or a winter bride, a fan of vintage or a modern minimalist, Pantone’s 2014 top ten colours offer something for everyone. Just like Flowers for Everyone, mind you!

Which colour would you choose? Leave a reply in our comments box below!

The Feng Shui of Flowers

If RSVP,, gym memberships and Deepak Chopra did not work for you in 2016, maybe it’s time to invest in flowers for the home using age-old feng shui traditions. The ancient Chinese art of feng shui seeks to balance energies (chi) within your space to promote happiness, health and good fortune. Through the use of objects, colours and formations with special symbolism, it is expected you will be able to attract positive outcomes in your life.

To New Beginnings…

With the new year comes new beginnings. And whether you are hoping to attract love or better your career, finances, health or self in 2014, the colours, aesthetic beauty and ‘aliveness’ of flowers will draw powerful chi energy into a home. According to expert Rodika Tchi, when it comes to the feng shui of flowers, attention is often paid to colors, numbers, as well as the symbolism of specific flowers. Below is a description of the most popular flower symbols in feng shui…

Love and Peonies

Peonies in the home   Peonies in mason jars   Peonies in rustic white jug

Available during the summer months, the sensual peony has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love and romance. To attract long-lasting love into your life, consider placing pink peonies in the home. Experts caution however, that peonies should be kept in the living room to promote attraction and romantic love, as peonies in the bedroom symbolize carnal lust (particularly red peonies). It is even rumoured that an image of a flowering peony in an older couple’s bedroom should be avoided to prevent affairs with younger women.

Career and Orchids

Purple vanda orchids in vaseOrchid in bud vase  White singapore orchids

If you are hoping to drive your career to new levels of success in 2014, it is recommended to display a vase of orchids (preferably purple) in the living room to bring luck and harmony to the whole household. Not only might you receive that promotion you’ve been after, but your teenage son may suddenly start getting straight A’s. Not a bad investment while beautifying your house in the process. Live in share accommodation? Consider joint investing in a communal ‘orchid kitty’ to bring harmony and career success to all your flatmates equally! Alternatively, narcissus (otherwise commonly known as daffodils, paperwhites and jonquils), are used as a feng shui ‘career cure’ to encourage proper rewards and recognition for hard work.

Jonquils in pots  Daffodils on windowsill  Simple jonquils in little glass vase

Wealth and Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums in vase   Chrysanthemums in miniature vase   Chrysanthemum head in black bud vase

In addition to a bunch of jonquils or paperwhites on your coffee table to benefit career and finances, display a vase of chrysanthemums in your home to encourage prosperity and success, ease and balance. It is believed these fluffy, long-lasting blooms represent bountiful harvests, joy and a long and successful life.

Health and the Lotus

Lotus in vase        Close up of a lotus

The lotus represents ultimate perfection. A beautiful flower rising from muddy waters, symbolising the ability of enlightened souls to rise above worldly concerns. Every part of the lotus plant, from roots to petals, has medicinal properties, further contributing to its feng shui ‘potency’ for creating a healthy and harmonious self.

To further infuse the energy of new beginnings and ‘freshness’ to your personal space, also consider placing cut branches of  blossoming flowers in a vase, such as cherry, apple, dogwood, or peach. Plus it’s a gorgeous look!

Blossom in vase  Simple blossom in vase  Elegant blossom in tall vase

‘Alive’ flowers offer more powerful ‘chi’ energy than artificial silk flowers or images of flowers, however not all these symbolic blooms, such as the lotus, are available year round. Depending on what you are trying to attract into your life in 2014, consider placing a beautiful picture of your selected feng shui flower in the home, then when in season, display a vase of these symbolic flowers beneath your image to achieve maximum, positive ‘chi’ effect.

Whether you believe in the possible outcomes of feng shui practices or not, at the very least you will be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of fresh flowers breathing life into your living space. References