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2014 Wedding Colour Palette

Published: Monday 13 January 2014

2014 Wedding Colour Palette

The only guarantee when it comes to ‘in-style colours’ is that whatever was popular last year probably won’t be the following year. Colour trends are fickle friends, which can make it difficult to choose a wedding colour palette that will outlast the test of time. Those emerald green and shimmering purple thai silk bridesmaid dresses may have been a hit in the early Nineties, but these days it might be more about mint julip and peach. And tomorrow? Well best read on…

Wedding Colour Palette Inspiration 

Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour, recently released this year’s top ten winning colour palettes. Leading the pack as the ultimate colour choice for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, so don’t be surprised to see this dominating elegant events and weddings over the coming months, from invitations and flowers, to dresses and decorations.

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The other nine colours in the top 2014 palette choices are no light weights either. We really love the feature by colour stylist The Perfect Palette, on how to incorporate Pantone’s top palette for 2014 into weddings, events and life in general. Click on the image collages below to gain event and wedding colour palette inspirations, starting with the elegant winning Radiant Orchid.

Note – just because the colour is named after an orchid, does not mean you need to restrict yourself to orchids, as per the following example of luscious Radiant Orchid-inspired wedding bouquets.

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Next. The fresh and spring-time minty green of Hemlock. One of our personal favourites. Although ask us tomorrow and we may have already moved onto another!

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When using Hemlock in your wedding, aim to keep the bridal flowers white and incorporate Hemlock into the ribbon trims, cake, bridesmaid dresses, wedding favours, and vessels used to arrange flowers for table centrepieces, as per the montage examples below.

Hemlock green wedding mood board    

Now after heated debate in the florist workshop, the overall consensus amongst the Flowers for Everyone team for their favourite colour in Pantone’s top ten (with exception to the winner of course!) is the peachy pink Cayenne. You just can’t go wrong with the likes of frilly coral tulips, blown watermelon peonies or a mixture of fat, peachy Cayenne-inspired roses.

Cayenne inspired tulip wedding bouquet     

And following closely on Cayenne’s heels in our in-house colour trend popularity race? The vintage inspired, classic and neutral Sand. Think creamy David Austins, latte Julia roses and berries. So timeless…

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This year’s colour trends are wide and varied enough to capture the imagination of anyone. Whether you are a spring bride or a winter bride, a fan of vintage or a modern minimalist, Pantone’s 2014 top ten colours offer something for everyone. Just like Flowers for Everyone, mind you!

Which colour would you choose? Leave a reply in our comments box below!


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