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Aisle Petal Scattering

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A loose scattering of rose petals lining both sides of  the aisle to create a walkway fit for a bride! Order online or email our wedding florists directly at enquiries@bridesinbloom.com.au.

Season Availability: All year round 

Order Cut-Off: Minimum 5 days prior to wedding



Date Rating Comment
2020-05-30 Service rating : good got the delivery on time....
the product was not as advertised.... the color of the individual flowers were different. i.e. dye color difference was not even close - you had half one color and the other half was much darker
Product : flowers were different color
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2020-05-30 So quick and easy
Ordered the night before i needed it delivered
Def recommend
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2020-05-30 bad customer service
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2020-05-30 Had a hiccup and fixed the problem easily. Thanks
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2020-05-30 The service provider actually rang me to check on the delivery address because apparently there were 2 possible addresses for the intended. I thought this was excellent that they checked
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2020-05-30 Service rating : Professional and courteous, Flowers for Everyone, not only delivered an exquisite and stylish bunch of flowers (that looked exactly as pictured), but they fixed up my booking mistake. Within minutes of placing my order, they called, explained what I’d done and fixed it.
Product : An exquisite and stylish bouquet that does what all great arrangements should do. Make the receiver very happy.
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2020-05-30 I had selected a bouquet of sunflowers to be delivered on the 29/05 to Heathridge WA. Shortly after placing the order, I received a call notifying me there were no sunflowers available, which is understandable due to covid shortages so that was fine. I requested a bouquet of natives instead and the lady on the phone advised that was perfect.
Later in the day, I called the Flowers for Everyone ‭1800 666 646‬ number just to get an indication of a rough time frame as to when the bouquet was going to be delivered - since there is no tracking link sent to me in the confirmation email or status updates etc. I spoke to a woman named Sammie who was pretty dismissive and advised that she tried to call the courier who didn’t pick up so they may have been delivering something else at the time, which I was okay with. Sammie didn’t provide an alternative as to how I could find out another way and just ended the call. I called AGAIN even later in the day to just make sure the bouquet was delivered, as I hadn’t received any messages from the friend it was being delivered to, to indicate she had received them. I spoke with Sammie again. Who was dismissive once again when I explained I was just trying to check where the status of the delivery was at, she didn’t apologise for not being able to give me an answer as she said they simply don’t track deliveries in WA?? Sammie advised that during my first phone call with her, the bouquet was with the courier so it should be delivered by now. Also, Sammie advised that she was “under the impression” I will receive a text message upon delivery being made. No definitive answers whatsoever and just leaving me with more questions so I ended the call and believed what she said since there was literally no other information that could be given to me. Working in customer service myself for many years, I would know this is not the way to handle this type of situation, even if she couldn’t do anything about it - there are better ways of approaching it.
Today is the 30/05, I receive a phone call from my friend I had sent the flowers to YESTERDAY for her birthday, who told me she just received her bouquet at the front door! You would expect paying $60 for a bouquet that wasn’t in stock and another $14.95 for same day delivery at 10:30am, well before the same day delivery cut off time, would mean my recipient would actually receive the bouquet on the date intended. No text message as Sammie was “under the impression” that I would be getting! Very poor service, I don’t know who is monitoring inbound calls but this might be an indication for coaching for the team member I spoke to.
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2020-05-30 They always do a beautiful job, flowers are always fresh, and delivery is 100% reliable.
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2020-05-30 Service rating : Beautiful flowers, artistically presented, and delivered on time.
Product : Beautiful flowers, artistically presented, and delivered on time.
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2020-05-30 Always delivered on time and beautifully done
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2020-05-29 Flowers were beautiful as per photo &they arrived when requested
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2020-05-29 Service rating : Fast, efficient service and great flowers for a sympathy occasion.
Product : Excellent arrangement and beautiful flowers
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2020-05-29 Service rating : Great service, and received photo once they delivered to friend and they looked good
Product : From the picture I got they looked the same
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2020-05-29 Service rating : Easy to use website. Good communication regarding the delivery.
Product : Pretty arrangement, wish it was bigger.
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2020-05-29 Service rating : Absolutely wonderful flowers. It has been a bit of a tough time this past year for my Mum, she was thrilled with her birthday flowers. Easy ordering process and confirmation of order and delivery was perfect as we live interstate from my Mum. Mum especially liked the instructions on how to look after the arrangement. Thankyou so much.
Product : Simple, bright beautiful flower arrangement.
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2020-05-29 Service rating : Service was fantastic, advising via text & email that the flowers were delivered plus value.
Product : Without seeing the flowers personally the recipient said they were beautiful and made their day.
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2020-05-29 great service, delivered the same day.
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2020-05-29 What is the point of asking a customer for delivery instructions if your company has no intention of fulfilling the instruction. The person I was sending flowers to and chocolates for her 50th Birthday would not be home before 4pm. So I requested leaving the flowers on the porch after 4pm. I then decided some time later to ring and confirm that this indeed would be done. Nothing more disappointing as a birthday present than to find wilted flowers and melted chocolate.
The girl told me there was an inability to request a time. Maybe she could request an afternoon delivery? I accepted that but the following day I received a text confirming delivery at 10am. That`s 6 hours that the chocolates and flowers would remain on the porch and they certainly wouldn`t have decent longevity after that stress even if they looked OK.
I will never use your company again because you are misleading the public.
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2020-05-29 Service rating : quick and easy transaction plus quick delivery too.. very happy. just an idea, if it possible send the recipient the picture of the flower once it delivered with the notification that the flower has been delivered. because sometimes we only send it without knowing how it the order look like when it arrive and receipt by the recipient
Product : i dont know what the quality of the flower arrangement since i sent it to someone so I dont know how it is look a like when it was arrived on delivery address. I presume all good
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2020-05-29 Service rating : Flowers looked exactly like the website picture. They were stunning. Beautiful flowers and really good pricing. Would use again, hands down. Thank you.
Product : Stunning arrangement, just as the website showed.
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